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Hello - In need of some Helpful Advice...
nyckid10 Views: 1,712
Published: 9 years ago

Hello - In need of some Helpful Advice...

Hello Everyone,

I have been suffering through a lot of issues for a while now. Amazingly, I got through most of it through hard work and dedication, and pushing my body to extremes. Sadly, this put me into deep adrenal exhaustion.

I over the years developed a really bad systemic candida infection, along with leaky gut. And this was undiagnosed for a while, and I just made myself worse and worse over time. Finally, I discovered what it was, and tried to treat myself with a whole candida protocol. Ofcourse, like a lot of people on this forum who have had or have a deep systemic candida infection, I seemed to only get worse and worse over time. Finally, I looked into possible heavy metal toxicity, and got tested via a DMPS challenge. It showed I had an abundance of mercury and lead in me. So I chelated via DMPS IV and Cutler protocol for about a year, then I went on a very thorough leaky gut and antifungal protocol, where I would be taking antifungals and intestinal healing herbs along with probiotics and vitamins/minerals. I would also be detoxing via infared sauna and coffee enemas while doing this. Also, I was a full-time college student who was overwhelmed with schoolwork most of the time, pulling allnighters and getting very little sleep. Nonetheless, I saw remarkable improvement regarding my candida and leaky gut, and I would see loads and loads of little wormy and stringy things in my stool. I started to tolerate more foods slowly, and feel an increase in energy and focus after each die off phase.

However, during each die off phase I felt extremely depleted and tired. Like I am going way tooo hard on my body with all of the antifungals and healing herbs...and the candida/ parasites were leaving way too fast for my body to handle. And I didn't give my body a chance to rest after each die off phase...I would get little sleep and along with the crazy amount of stress in school, I did feel like my adrenals were taking a massive hit. I wanted to finish school and this candida crap at the same time, so I can finally be able to live my life. I was supposed to graduate a couple of weeks ago, but I had a major crash right about one month ago, where I was unable to even move without my heart racing like crazy. I had to take incompletes for my courses. Interesting thing is that at the same time I feel amazing regarding my candida and leaky gut. I tolerate 90 percent of foods. And all of my candida symptoms seem to be almost gone. I do have some die off sessions here and there left, and during these sessions I get these massive panic attacks and impending doom feelings...which I ofcourse attribute to totally exhausted adrenals from all of the pressure I have been putting on them. But after each die off phase the feelings go away and more candida goes away.

I guess my question is, what should I do now? I do not feel I will fully recover until my adrenals are healed. I certainly feel like it would be soo much easier for me to recover from this adrenal exhaustion since I already have eliminated the candida and healed my gut substantially. I know that so many people on curezone who have late stage 3 adrenal fatigue do not ever seem to get better. But I feel that is because they have not gotten their underlying cause figured out. I got mine figured out, and as the cause which was heavy metals and candida were leaving my body, it put a big stress on my which I finally just crashed a month ago. This crash is so scary..but I do feel better and better as the days go by.

I have contacted Dr. Lam's office for adrenal fatigue, and I am supposed to have the initial appointment on Monday. From what I have read so many people have gotten worse with his protocol, and have become intolerant to the Vitamin C and Pantethine. Do you think that this happens because their bodies are all congested and weak from possible heavy metals and candida/ leaky gut. Is it possible I will have much better success on his protocol because I have gotten rid of the metals and most of the candida. I just do not want to waste my time on things that do not work and can possible make me worse. I know that people have success with Dr. Wilson's nutritional balancing program, but I feel like I detoxed so much which I have been taking vitamins and minerals...and I truly feel like I balanced myself in that regard, and that is why the candida has been fleeing the way it has been over the last 6 months. Wilson's program helps people get rid of adrenal fatigue b/c they are already so toxic, so I don't know how this program would be able to help me.

Any suggestions on how I can get out of this crash? My body has been through absolute hell trying to fight this thing. And I decided not to take it easy and go hard, without giving it enough rest. I got rid of the culprit, but now I am left with total burned out adrenals. I cannot do anything without feeling like a heart attack is coming on. No physical exercise or even sexua| activity. I do certainly feel that once my adrenals are healed, I will be able to get over these health issues once and for all and be fully healthy. This is just my last step. Annoying thing is that I have to go back to studying very soon, and I will be leaving the country in the end of August for a couple of weeks. So scared what would happen - I obviously need a break from everything - kinda wish I didn't ;/ Is it possible that my body had to go through this crash in order to get rid of the last bits of crap that was bothering me? And now my adrenals will recover very quickly b/c I got rid of what was bothering it. Or should I give Lam's protocol a shot. Don't want to waste any money, but I feel like maybe Lam's protocol will be able to get me out of this emergency/panic state...b/c that's what's really scaring me....even typing this message is causing me heart palpitations and faint feelings, and my hands to tremble.

Anybody who has any experience with all of this adrenal fatigue stuff, I would appreciate your advice. I feel totally totally drained. I don't wanna "self navigate" and try stimulating herbs on my own - or maybe I do? Don't know...

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