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Re: Lip Psoriasis Article
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Lip Psoriasis Article

In the book on skin problems I mentioned a couple of posts ago, it had a chapter on psoriasis. While I didn't think that this lip condition was psoriasis, given that the symptoms didn't really match (at least in the case of some people, who don't have symptoms of red patches, itchiness and soreness, etc), some things were written which made me think it could be a similar type of condition. For example, the author of the book wrote that the condition was due to abnormal skin growth, with cell forming and dividing too quickly. Also, it was basically "a disturbance in the body's cell replication control mechanism".

I don't know about cells replicating too quickly for this lip condition, but I feel there is probably some sort of disturbance/disruption in the lips. The question is of course what is causing the disruption or disturbance. I personally would tend to disagree with people who believe that the lips are taking months and months to heal as new layer after new layer is growing and healing. I think it's just a continuous disruption of the cells in the lips, and that to heal them you have to eliminate what's causing the disruption, a bit like with psoriasis. I could be wrong, and I dont want to dismiss people who are hoping that after months and months their lips will heal, but I just think tackling what's causing the disruption could be needed.

The crap thing is, of course, noone knows whats at the root of this. And whether it's localised to the lips or an internal disorder disrupting the skin. Some other things mentioned in the chapter on psoriasis:that there could be a hormonal link - surprisingly, pregnant women and menopausal women who undergo hormonal changes actually see their Psoriasis clear up during this period, according to research. (Elsewhere in the book it mentions that menopause can negatively cause other skin problems due to hormone disruptions). Also there were issues with Human Growth Hormone. Stress and digestive health also play a major role. These could be impacting the lip condition here too. Noone seems to know for sure though.

This hormone issue that's being mentioned on the forum recently, as well as the thread on white skin/fluid, got me thinking about a couple of things in the book. That hormonal disruption can affect sebum(oily stuff in glands in the skin) levels. Sebum plays a big part in the likes of acne, and there are different sebum/sebaceous glands in the lips to other parts of the body. It also mentioned that a sugary diet and milk intolerance can affect certain hormones that affect sebum levels. I wondered if disruption of sebum levels may be affecting the skin in the lips due to hormonal problems. And if this whitening of the lips, sometimes fluid-like, might not just be moisture/air/saliva, but could be something like sebum. I noticed sebum was mentioned here on the forum. Another book mentioned chemicals can irritate mucous(a sticky stuff in the digetsive tract and other parts of body), and then I wondered if mucous membranes could be affected in the lips. In the end, like before, I came to the conclusion that it's just more speculation and I've no way of knowing!I don't even know for sure if sebum levels, or mucous in the lips can be measured, or what levels there are in the lips.

Like others have said before, until intensive tests are done on people, I cannot see how the cause of this thing is going to be nailed down for certain.

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