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Re: Lip Psoriasis Article
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Lip Psoriasis Article

Hi Healing2021,

Firstly, Iíve been pretty clear in my previous posts in stating that I am not cured yet. Basically, after undergoing major healing in a short period of time (roughly 6 weeks) in March/April, I went from 17 years of continuous cycles of major peeling and crusting or whatever, to about 95-99% healed. And in the three months since then Iíve been basically stuck at this ďnearly healedĒ position. My upper lip, which used to peel severely all over now only peels in a minor way in the centre (two pieces in the very centre), and only the odd day. The bottom lip mostly flakes in a minor/minuscule way, again only the very odd day. Usually this would only last for a day or two. The lips would then look normal again, sometimes for a few days, other times for a day or two. Then, when things look like I might be reaching 100% healed or whatever, the flaking might arise again. Like Iíve mentioned before, I basically have a normal life again, the severe debilitating condition is gone. But Iím not fully cured yet. It seems that others in the past, such as lees as one example, had difficulty with the last stages of healing.

Second, I never once put my healing down to leaving the lips alone. I started doing a few things over a number of weeks, such as taking vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplementation; supplements that I read help remove toxins; other detox methods; lymphatic self-massage; stopping the use of toothpaste, etc. Because I did all of these things within a few weeks of each other I do not know for certain what made the main contribution to my healing. Now, I did leave my lips alone for 3-4 weeks around this time also. But I wasnít focusing on doing a ďleave the lips aloneĒ method or whatever. I wanted to see how the lips would react to the methods I was doing, so I felt letting the skin develop without doing anything to it was the only way to see if the supplementation etc was working. But I wasnít focusing on leaving the lips alone at all, just in seeing if the methods had any impact. In fact, as I mentioned in previous posts, when the ďcrustingĒ got very bad and the skin started to hang off, I did help it off. So I didnít even stick fully to leaving the lips alone. That wasnít my focus, and Iíve stated this in the past. However, I do feel that people should try and leave them alone. But I do not think that this was what led to my own healing, and Iíve never claimed that it was. In the last three months I have been leaving my lips alone ( I think I used 100% natural, 95% organic yestocarrotts lip butter twice, and helped the peeling in my top lip off twice when it hanged off), but itís not doing a Ďleave the lips aloneí method, I just donít have any reason to do anything to them or put anything on them given that they are almost healed.

Longterm, I personally do not think that my condition was an allergy to toothpaste. From what Iíve researched in the past, allergy usually stops pretty quickly after eliminating what causes the allergy (the allergen); I have switched to baking soda/sea salt, and my lips continue to flake slightly, like I mentioned above. I did try a normal toothpaste again for over a week a few weeks back to see if there was any negative reaction, and there wasnít.

However, allergy to certain chemicals could be a cause for some people. And I definitely feel they could be impacting the condition for everyone, as the chemicals in them are toxic, and could be adding to the toxic load of the body. There could be a possible immune over-reaction to them for some people, but Iím unsure if they are the main cause. Could by adding to the problem though. I personally have stopped using all personal care products apart from a natural shampoo which I use only once a week; the rest of the time I just use plain water.

Vunk mentioned ihopethishelps. He claimed a toothpaste allergy, but again, his condition lasted many months after removing the toothpaste, so I do not know if it was allergy, unless he was using other products with similar chemicals in them to the toothpaste. (out of interest, has ihopethishelps ever got back on the forum to state if he was fully cured? He posted a picture of peeling and white ď gunkĒ on his lips from only two weeks before he claimed to be cured. Iíd be interested to know if he remained fully cured with no further reactions, given that others have taken time to reach full healing after seeing initial major improvements).

To see the latest developments in my condition, the latest pics are in the Image Gallery , see:


Iím away for the next week, so I wonít be able to answer further questions to this thread. See my previous posts for any questions on my methods. At this stage Iíve said all Iíve got to say about the condition.

(p.s.: Vaseline was mentioned recently. I definitely would not use this, as petroleum/hydrocarbon-based products were mentioned in the book I read as being able to damage the skin through oxidative stress. And Vaseline, from what I remember, was mostly all petroleum.:


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