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dentist says nothing's wrong

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Free Holistic Dentist in a Pouch!
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Published: 9 years ago

dentist says nothing's wrong

dear community,

today i FINALLY got to go to a dentist, as i've been desperate to do for so long,

and i was bracing myself, "here it comes, here's the long list of work thats going to need to be done, and the astronomical cost..."

and i told the dentist of all the problems ive been having, that i was posting about here several months ago -

these first two symptoms might be shrugged off by dentists, as being normal WITH FILLINGS:

pretty much anything i eat, pulls on my fillings, and if i eat anything sweet, or cold, i get a SHOOTING pain down into my jaw..........


i've had abscesses in two areas of my mouth (abscess means, the tooth is either decaying OR something is getting in to the tooth and upsetting it, right?)

and, behind my wisdom tooth and down into my jaw bone one side, and on the other side in a different area, has been a permanent ache for 6 months,

and so for 6 months i have had to stay on INTENSIVE herbal Antibiotics (oregano, clove, d-limonene) and anti-inflammatory serrapeptase in mega doses to control whatever's going on, and

IF I STOP TAKING THESE, the area will start hurting PLUS my throat and ear will get infected - also if i skip even one time of brushing my teeth and dont brush exactly every 12 hours, the same (the area will start hurting, and my ear/throat will get infected).

....the dentist said i have NOT ONE CAVITY and NO DECAY, and she went around with her little hook and puffed some cold air on one tooth and tells me nothing is wrong...

(except that i need a crown&post on ONE tooth which was root canaled... i hate that i have a root canal and have considered having that one taken out all together though...)

somebody suggested maybe this is all in my head :( i dont think i can be imagining, or making these symptoms manifest :(

i don't know what i should do, do you think i should seek a second opinion - and should i request to have my x-rays sent to the other dentist? because i'm scared to get more x-rays...

or, i'm supposed to go back for a cleaning tomorrow, should i bring it up with the dentist again?

BUT when i brought up the sensitivity i experience - i'd only at first mentioned things pulling on my fillings, the dentist was like "you didn't say that--" and made me feel like she was annoyed with me (or i had just made it up),

so i'm scared to come with more things now - and OF COURSE i dont want to get dental work if i dont need to, i'm terrified!!!

at the very least, if there truly are no problems, i'd like all my many Amalgams to be taken out, disinfected(?), and replaced............. i wish i could find a dentist here who would JUST do that...

but if there ARE problems, what if they brew for a while more and it turns out there were problems and only then they're going to cause a lot more trauma and expense to fix???
i want so much to really be ok...... :(

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