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Re: snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snowwwwww
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snowwwwww

Hi again jsl123,

No, i'm still not at the 100% cured stage, still miniscule flaking/peeling the odd day. Last update of pics was to August 3rd if you haven't seen it yet:


The peeling on the top lip, like I said before, is now only confined to the two pieces in the very centre; it used to be the whole lip. The bottom lip flakes in a minor way around the centre. No crusting into layers or whatever anymore on either lip. No turning white in shower.Full elasticity.

Yea, I do not know why the stuff I did didn't work for you, though I do remember you saying you didn't try everyting, such as oil pulling. But I would think you still would have gained some healing with the other things anyway. I guess supplements work differently for different people. I'm still uncertain what had the most affect on my healing; I think the antioxidants played a large role in my healing.

When I said anxiety probably caused my lip problem, I meant indirectly. Long-term chronic anxiety/stress can damage the endocrine system, digestive system, immune system,etc, like PleasantOne mentioned. See for example:

My anxiety has eased in recent years, but the long term damage doesn't just disappear when you're no longer stressed out or don't have the anxiety as bad. The damage can even be permanent in some cases. It's not like if I spend a couple of weeks in the Bahamas with my feet up that the health damage from years of anxiety is gonna disappear!

As regards what the exact effect of the anxiety was in relation to my lips, i'm guessing either hormonal disruption or digestive system issues. In fact the more I look up stuff in relation to skin issues, the more I see the digestive system mentioned. I now think that the digestive system could be the main player.
I'm thinking some kind of low level inflammation of the small intestines could be an issue, like some have mentioned here in the past, potentially causing a hormonal disruption. From what i've read, issues in the small intestine can be difficult to pinpoint, as colonoscopys/endoscopys cover mostly the large intestine and the upper part of the small intestines. And the small intestines can be around 20 ft long.

I can't be certain obviously. But with so many people claiming diet helped them, sometimes taking many months (e.g. 8 months for the poster lees), I think some kind of immune system reaction in the digestive tract could be going on. So i've been looking ups stuff on the digestive tract, and began taking supplements since yesterday geared towards that, just a supplement containing glutamine, which pops up a lot in stuff i've read, digestive enzymes, pro & prebiotics, and other minerals. And i'm back taking a strong antioxidant supplement, as antioxidants can be of major benefit as regards skin.(These two supplements to be exact:


Despite being close to healing I might even do a couple of tests related to allergy and leaky gut syndrome, that others have mentioned on the forum, such as:
and maybe even some kind of altered diet based on those results, if I don't reach full healing in future months.

But like I said, I'm living a normal life now, but wouldn't mind being 100% done with this.

But being honest, if I was you I would stop what you're doing now, i.e. halting your whole life, and would go back to work or whatever and get out there again. Based on my own experience, where I still get minor peeling, but a layer of crusting skin doesn't develop, I personally don't buy into the theory of layers and layers of healing skin developing; I think it's a continuous disruption of maybe the top 1 or 2 layers. The skin of healthy people is constantly renewing itself slowly, so slow it's not noticeable. With EC it's a major disruption of the renewing skin. With me now, I think I still have a very minor disruption, with the root cause still not fully fixed.

So if I was you i'd go and do a an allergy/ food intolerance test, and then look up something like this related to healing the digestive tract:
and do what lees did, a specialized diet for up to a year. But not just any pick and choose diet, find out if you're immune system is reacting to particular foods using the tests, or go to an allergy specialist/clinical nutritionist/naturopath and discuss it. And no other toxic crap like coffee or alcohol, etc. I know that diet is extremely tough, and that you tried some kind of diet for 2/3 months, but it took lees 8 months (he went to a clinical nutritionist in December 2010, changed his diet and took supplements, and didn't heal until August 2011)I don't see what else you can do given that all else is failing.

These are just my opinions. You're on the forum long enought to see that some believe it's an internal problem manifesting itself on the lips, others definitely believe it's just localized to the lips. I have no interest in trying to convince people it's internal-related, but that's just my opinion.



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