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Re: Taurine not working for liver detox anymore
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Taurine not working for liver detox anymore

Vegeta take a look at the article below by Dr. Wilson. These are his recommendations for a healing diet.


1. 70-80% cooked vegetables. To eat this many, you need to eat cooked vegetables three or perhaps four times daily. All vegetables are excellent except the following: mushrooms, artichokes, okra, summer squashes and the nightshades (tomatoes, white and red potatoes, eggplant and all peppers - both sweet peppers and hot peppers). A little cayenne pepper as a spice is fine.

2. About 15% protein, mainly of animal origin. Have some flesh protein daily. ONLY EAT ONE KIND OF PROTEIN PER MEAL. Lamb is the best red meat in most cases, although good quality beef is excellent, too.

3. 7-8% complex carbohydrates. These include concentrated starches such as brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth and others. However, avoid all wheat products. HAVE ONLY ONE TYPE OF STARCH PER MEAL.

4. Ideally, do not combine a heavy starch with a heavy protein. Instead, have a starch with vegetables, OR a protein with vegetables at each meal. You may also have just a cooked vegetable meal.

5. 6-7% high-quality fats and oils. Acceptable fats are from meat, eggs, dairy products such as butter or high-fat cheese, olive oil, and a little toasted almond butter. Avoid avocado, coconut oil and palm oil. These are too yin in Chinese medical terminology for common usage, no matter how nutritious they are.

6. 0% simple carbohydrates. These are fruits, fruit juices, honey, maple sugar, agave nectar, other sugars, and all other sweets.

7. 0% chemicalized and fast foods. This includes all artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and others. Also, limit stevia and other natural sweeteners. A little xylitol or stevia may be used, but try to avoid sweetening your food, which is mainly just a habit.

8. Eat the Special Foods for health and mental development:

A. Plenty of cooked vegetables, except avoid those mentioned above such as the nightshades.

B. Whole organic blue corn, organic blue corn chips, and/or blue corn tortillas. You may have two 7-10 ounce bags of blue corn chips weekly or a few organic blue corn tortillas several times a week. If you do not tolerate blue corn at first, then begin with less, as with all of the foods recommended on this diet.

Some yellow corn is also good. I suggest having one to two bags per week of yellow corn tortilla chips by Santitas. This product has some herbs in it that may not be listed on the label that are helpful. They are sold at many supermarkets. In addition, you may have several organic yellow corn tortillas every other day.

C. Lamb. Have a full portion at least once and preferably twice each week. While any lamb will do, lamb loin chops or rack of lamb are among the best. They can come from the supermarket, and need not be organic, as most are quite good.

D. Sardines. Adults may eat one can every other day or 3-4 cans weekly. Any brand is fine. Do not eat more than this, however, as they all contain a little mercury. Children need less.

E. Kelp, but only Natureís Way or Solaray brands. An alternative is about 1 tablespoon daily of Frontier Herbs kelp or Monterrey Bay Herb Company kelp granules. Avoid other brands of kelp, other sea vegetables and all fish except sardines. Salmon once a month or so, however, is not too bad.

F. Carrot juice. Have 10-12 ounces daily, preferably freshly made, but you may buy it at the market if needed. You may add a small amount of greens to your carrot juice. An alternative once or twice weekly is 1 or 2 ounces of wheat grass juice.

H. Herbs and spices. Excellent spices include ginger, mustard, turmeric and garlic. Have some daily, ideally, as spices or condiments. Avoid table salt , which is a horrible junk food. It is toxic, often contains aluminum, and can raise blood pressure. Also avoid table pepper, which is often rancid and can cause joint problems in some people.

Here is the rest of the article.

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