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Dr Wilson, no fruit!!

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feellikejunk Views: 4,070
Published: 9 years ago

Dr Wilson, no fruit!!

I've just looked into Dr Wilson's free plan and am starting it next week(gotta eat the groceries I just bought!). Im just curious about the no fruit policy. I couldn't really understand his reasoning, he said the fruit is not good. I tend to eat a lot of fruit so its definitely going to be an adjustment. Can anyone elaborate more on the no fruit policy. I definitely see I've been doing some wrong things. I've been eating a lot of raw vegetables, believing them to be superior, and I've been eating about 4 tomatoes a week! I'm lucky to be alive:) 9 weeks off effexor and im struggling man, anxiety has come back with a vengeance. I read that panic attacks are a side effect of Adrenal fatigue, and I've been so paranoid about my health, I started to almost feel like I needed the effexor again, which is absolutely crazy thinking, its the ssri's and Snri's that brought me here. I feel good about starting the plan and moving forward though, before I let the condition worsen. How do you guys feel about Dr Wilson's free plan and have any of you had success on it? He seems like an awesome dude. Edit. I've decided to go into what gave me a kick in the ass to finally read up on Dr Wilson. This scared the hell out of me. After work on Sunday morning(I work 3rd shift, which probably doesn't helpmy condition. I decided to take a walk, now being the kind of guy I am I wasn't satisfied with some leisurely stroll. I put on Led Zeppelin's greatest hits and I was flying. No doubt I was walking at least 5 miles an hour, if not faster, It felt so easy and I felt really good. Half way through I even made the decision That I was going to start doing this all the time. Well j was wrapping it up after 40 minutes and I started to get Terrible heart palpitations, since my heart involves some serious phobias I immediately started to go into a full fledged panic attack, but I somehow held it together. I knew I probably took it too far but once home I really didn't feel bad, my heart beat felt heavy , but I just ignored it the best I could. I ate a light meal and watched a movie. I started to feel tired and closed my eyes and then wham, I woke up to a huge head and body rush. This continued to happen about 5 more times. I mean literally as soon as I drifted off, my body just would not let me sleep. Finally the last time came with a wave of naseau, I struggled to my feet and dry heaved into the toilet. My whole body felt so hot. I started to panic, thinking I was having a stroke or something. I stared at myself in the mirror, with tears in my eyes, and got it together somehow. I didn't try to sleep until later that night as I was seriously afraid to sleep. Well I slept good Sunday night( with the help of 1mg of ativan) and slept 6 hours more Monday afternoon. I don't feel terrible, I'm making it through work pretty well( my job is fairly physical), but I'd be lying if I told you its not on my mind. Has anyone else had this happen where their body just refused to let them sleep? What the hell is happening to my adrenal glands? If my adrenals are fatigued how can they pump adrenaline like that? I should have known something was wrong when I was trying to sleep I had crazy mind chatter, songs playing on a loop and shit, reoccurring thoughts. I woke up with bad chest congestion, so I think my body was weakened by this or maybe before the power walk. Why does everything have to be so damn complicated? I just want to get in shape man.

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