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Re: I am getting worse.
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: I am getting worse.

Hey Lily,

It may seem like you are getting worse now but it seems like you are also making progress in some ways. You have gained 10 pounds, that is awesome and something to tell you that you are on the right track with something. When you can regain some muscle this will help everything, your heart will become stronger and will be able to properly transport blood to your brain. Building muscle doesn't necessarily matter but the muscle that you can see on your body on the outside gives you and idea of the muscle that is being built on the inside. This will take time, keep doing what you are doing. Anytime you have some energy do some light stretching. Find any type of stretching you can do while sitting on the floor. Keep adding foods that feel good for your body. One thing I have learned is to never trust ANYONE'S advise about what to eat, just eat what feels good to you. It seems that long grain brown rice is a food that almost no one has bad reactions to, doesn't get moldy, doesn't cause blood Sugar spikes, see how you feel on it. You are definitely learning what your body needs, keep going and don't expect instant results.

You have to really make a decision as to what to do regarding the chlamydia. You just have to figure out what is worse the disease or the treatment for the disease. Research what they would prescribe and make sure you know the side effects and all that. I would be scared as hell to take Antibiotics again after what you went through, but I would also be scared as hell not to get it cleared up, tough one. Is it possible that the chlamydia was in your body for some time causing some of the problems that you have been having for a long time but it was not showing up on the tests. What if taking the treatment for chlamydia actually clears up some of your other problems? I don't know just a thought. I know I had malaria in my body for four months and they tested for it 5 times before they finally diagnosed me four months later and I tested positive for TWO different malaria strains in my body at the same time (I was in India at the time).

Don't stay off the boards, you don't need to listen to every single response to your posts, just ignore the ones that annoy you and take the advise and support of positive people on this board. Many people will tell you to do this or do that but most people really have no clue what is going to be helpful to you, but every now and then you will get someone that can give you something that may help or encourage you and it is worth it just for that. I think most people have a lot of diseases and imbalances in their bodies but at the same time the body is able to heal very easily if given the chance. Any time people start saying I have to take this or that vitamin or follow this or that diet to be healthy I usually call B.S. because when I see people living in completely natural settings, they don't have disease regardless of diet and they are certainly not taking all kinds of vitamins (but many of them do you use natural herbs of the land and this is just really food to them). Always get a little sun every day, drink plenty of clean non-fluoridated water and follow how your body feels for diet. Even if you can't walk, move your body however you can whenever you have energy. Do slow neck rolls every day and any other light exercises that make you feel good. Eventually you will be able to walk short distances, then a little longer. I really believe you will get healthier in time.

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