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Re: Get a home glucose meter to double check

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Get a home glucose meter to double check

Hmm, when did you test your blood Sugar when it went that low (35), i.e. 2 hrs after a meal, in the morning? Does it get that low a lot, or was that a rare occasion?

I made a post on checking your blood sugar with what the normal blood Sugar numbers should be and one place I read said serious low levels are 40 mg/dl for women and 50 mg/dl for men.

Do you remember your average numbers after testing after the following:

1. In morning upon rising
2. 2 hrs after last meal
3. 10-15 minutes after last meal

When you say "The only problem is when I've had my blood taken by the ER my blood glucose levels would be normalized by then," do you mean a time when you had to go to the ER because you felt like your blood Sugar crashed all the way down, but when they drew blood to test your sugar, your sugar levels had already normalized by then? Had they given you an IV with glucose in it before they drew blood to test?

If they hadn't and your blood sugar did drop low enough to send you to the ER, but eventually normalized without any help (i.e. food, IV with glucose, etc), that sounds like reactive hypoglycemia.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman does talk about reactive hypoglycemia being a symptom of Toxic Hunger in his book "Eat to Live" (p. 166), although he mentions it usually doesn't get below 50. I fortunately didn't have any blood sugar fluctuations with my Toxic Hunger, just the symptoms that mimic hypoglycemia.

Dr. Fuhrman talks about an unhealthy liver being the culprit for Toxic Hunger and reactive hypoglycemia. Tests confirmed my liver was having problems and it all made sense why my hypoglycemic-like symptoms went away fast when I stopped my high-protein diet and went on a juice fast for a week.

Now check this out. One day after doing the juice fasting and raw salad diet for a couple of weeks, I tried a Water Fast for one day, monitoring my blood sugar throughout the day. It was fine until the late evening when getting close to bed. My sugar started slowly dropping and around 1 a.m., I started feeling shaky and I got up out of bed to check my sugar and it was down to 57. It was the first time I felt the symptoms of true low blood sugar. The symptoms were similar to Toxic Hunger, but no where near as bad. My Toxic Hunger symptoms with my blood sugar being normal was way worse than that one night of actually experiencing just low blood sugar symptoms.

Here's what I'm thinking about you. What if you have really bad Toxic Hunger that it's also causing you to also have really bad reactive hypoglycemia? That might explain why you feel so bad at times and if that's the case, you may just have to detox to get over the worst of your symptoms.

You might think of trying to attempt a veggie juice fast and monitor your blood sugar every hour or even half hour. Have some food ready just in case your sugar starts going low to reduce your anxiety about attempting this.

Note that Dr. Reams also talks about a bum liver causing hypoglycemia and having to do a lemon master cleanse fast to remedy it.

I hope this offers some help.

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