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Stop staying sick for misinformation
Anthony87 Views: 3,340
Published: 9 years ago

Stop staying sick for misinformation

Check out the blog.^^

Another forum post from a user packing in unlimited fat and wondering when candida leaves. See a pattern? Watch my collection of youtube videos from people that got rid of candida.

"Been on the candida diet now for 9 days, my diet has consisted of;
oats and unsweetened soy milk,
4-6 eggs daily"

Still I'll get the endless rants from the naysayers. I really don't know where it comes from when...the are still sick and on a seriously high fat diet. Sad angry people with coconut oil and i guess ghee in hand. Still holding out for that die off and cure that never comes...Stop focusing on BS candida causes people and eating unlimited fats. If it makes me arrogant or rude, I am fine with that. Most of the people on the high fat diet in severe suffering have such a deteriorated mental state that they think their destructive cleanses are going to help something. And they are the unemployed and chronocally sick with all of the time to give advice on here. It's contageous. Break the cycle and stop focusing on irrelevancies. You heard it from me, someone arrogant and rude, but that cured their "candida" alongside other curezone members.

PRIVATE MESSAGE THAT I RECEIVED IN MARCH, MY FAVORITE! A shoutout to all of the coconut oil fanatics!

I was basically robbed of a life from misinformation, but once healed im going to do my best and make up for it, feeling better everyday..and if you want to get in touch with me

ps i never been healthy from birth 30 plus years from the sad(standard american diet)but my health of 15 years got unbearably worse when i went low carb which made me carb sensitive because your body get overloaded with oil/fat and meat so a ounce of Sugar would rage the candida symptoms so it hurt to eat any sweets which trick you to think carbs the problem...the cure is right under people noses you so lucky it only took one year of your life than most of it...Fats dangerous i dont even believe the body need any ,yet some people can handle eating it, but i do believe we all suffer from some illness, some are over weigh, allergies,depression,sex drive, Acne it come in so many forms people think it just genetic we dont link it to candida which is fat/protein/sugar overload all it is in that order which crush the liver , then then digestion, then immune system and you knocking on death door if you dont get a whole of it,and the

coconut oil is the worse (should be called poison) , i was eating spoon fulls and scalp/rectal start itching like crazy, believe fungus was growing on my scalp causing the hair to fall out by the hand full.. its a shame how i brought the idea coconut oil is a cure all next best thing(how it promoted) when its the total opposite took me to lose most of my hair and your post to say enough of this.... the
raw food people(30bananasaday) on the right path it just they eat too many simple Sugar fruits which you cant do if you have candida i think once heal you can cheat but it never good to have a high fat or meat or Sugar diet.. Thanks again you are saving people lives and it well appreciated..

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