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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

It is funny how somethings are taboo in one culture but acceptable in another. for instance - some do not recommend 'drinking bleach' but where I come from, we capture rain water in tanks. We regulary (or it is recommended) to pour some CLOROX into the tank for cleaning/disinfecting purposes. It all comes down to "HOW MUCH TO USE".

For years, I have had a re-occuring fungus (some type athletes foot, i guess) on the bottom of my foot - nothing between the toes though. This didn't bother me much, just a slight itchyness SOMETIMES when I took off my shoes and sock or during the day - nothing major. I did go to the foot doctor who prescibed some cream. I used it, it went away, it came back and the cycle continued until the cream got used up.

I got some Miracle-Mineral-Supplement 1 to tackle a diffent health problem and given that it is generally accepted that it takes months for Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to work its way out to the extremities to tackle a fungus, I did not even think that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement would do anything to my friendly fungus. YEs, it became a past-time for me to peal off the black, crusty skin down to the fresh layer and then the fungus would build back up. Well one day, I noticed that my foot was itching more than normal and it was flaking more than normal. I peeled that layer of skin off (grossed out my wife) and forgot about it. A few days later, that area of my foot was puffy like pastry! The skin was thicker than normal and just came right off with the minimalist of effort. I was left with fresh, baby smooth skin. I do not take care of my feet as well as I should so I fully expected my fungus to come back. Every now and again I feel an itch and I go check to see if friend fungy is back :( (like I said, peeling it became a leisurely activity) It has been at least 10 months now and not a sign of a comeback - like Brett Favre, this one may be gone for good :-((

To anyone lookng to start MMS: I started in small dosages but being the 'typical man' I jumped up to a big dosage prematurely and had the dizzyness/nausea but nothing else. I was up to 6 drops before making that leap. Start slow and increase slow - be patient. You do not have to take MMS every day - that is only when you are tackling a 'problem'. drinking it every now and again will give your body that extra boost

I do not care that MMS was named the 'miracle mineral supplement' although it is not a mineral. One could argue that it is a 'miracle' that fungy hasn't come back yet - I liked my fungy so I wont call it that. If you are up in arms about some 'marketing' ploy (if you want to call the nomenclature - marketing) then please deride almost every advertisement that EXISTS today. You have to do your own research and read between the lines.

I do not care that Jim has to organise a CHURCH. The CHURCH offers freedom from persecution for ones beliefs AND practices!!!!!! Do not call him a shyster when he uses the SYSTEM against itself. I am sure that most of you (naysayers) would adopt or decry a religion if the SSS Gestapho was knocking on your door right now!

I would give some credance to the naysayers if MMS cost hundreds of dollars AND had a short shelf life AND was complex to administer but it doesn't, it doesn't and it ISNT. Doctors routinely prescribe drugs with the 'we will see how it works' fine print and those drugs cost $$$$$.

I am willing to talk to anyone about my experience with MMS. Send me your phone number/email address.

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