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Re: Herxheimer

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nyckid10 Views: 5,408
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Herxheimer

Wow Michael this explanation is right on! When the candida goes fungal is the candida that most ppl on this forum are suffering with. In which the whole body is inhabited with these fungal colonies. Every time I have had an elimination of some colonies I felt massive die off symptoms...and then relief right afterwards...only for some symptoms to appear days after...but less and less each time....till where I am today....with just a few colonies embedded deeply in my intestines...where it takes so much adrenal power to get rid of them. I haven't felt this good in like 4 years in regards to candida symptoms...but I am so warn out due to all of this die off that has been occuring too quickly. I guess the body will recover once it has a rest from all the die off....once all of the colonies are gone. I attribute my initial overgrowth cause to heavy metals. I chelated after a year...and only then did the candida start to leave in bunches. Before then every type of strict diet would make me worse and worse.

I think that some ppl here may not even be struggling with the fungal leaky gut candida that many of us have been struggling with. And that is why there are so many differences in with Anthony and his "fatty liver" obsession. Once the candida has gone fungal and you develop leaky doesn't matter if you eat fats or will take soo much to heal the gut and get rid of the colonies. All of this will take a lot of adrenal reserve to accomplish...but more importantly one has to figure out the initial cause of such an overgrowth.

The reason one gets fungal systemic leaky gut candida is because the body is seriously weakened in the first place. And as the person tries to eradicate the candida with strict diets and massive doses of antifungals....the body only gets weaker and weaker. By the time one figures out the cause (heavy metals in my case)...the body is already in such a weak state to chelate or you heal the body reverts to healing that breaks down the body in the process...using every bit of energy it can...while driving you crazy. And once you are ready to get rid of the colonies....your body is already sooo weak and damaged every successive die off gives you panic thoughts...severe anxiety...insomnia etc. This is all what I have been going through the last 6 months. All b/c instead of chelating right away...I first resorted to 6 months of crazy strict diet and massive doses of antifungals.

Thankfully I only have a very small proportion of the colonies left in me that have been causing my symptoms. My right eye has stopped twitching for the first time in over 3 years yesterday. But at the same time the last couple of days I have had the most intense nightmares and no energy at all...with so much panic type anxiety. Every time I have these horrible die off sessions nowadays....right afterwards I feel a symptom DISAPPEAR that I have had for YEARS. So yes I attribute this to a very weak body that has developed b/c I was battling this thing without figuring out the cause.

The direct symptoms that most people on this forum with FUNGAL candida feel are due to the toxins that the candida colonies are emitting. And the die off seems endless b/c the underlying cause has not been figured out. So that is why it feels like such a hopeless situation...just maintaining the candida with diet...feeling die off every time...only for the symptoms to all come back...even worse than before. But once a person has gotten the root cause eliminated....the die off is no longer feel more symptoms leave after each session...but since the body is already so broken down and little adrenal reserve is left....each session TAKES SO MUCH OUT OF YOU.

Ppl on this forum shouldn't be so hopeless. Maybe I was so lucky that I didn't have too much metals in me...and one year of chelation was enough. Even though I was doing some serious chelation....taking every measure...IV DMPS...cutler's protocol with dmsa/ala...cilantro/chlorella....IMD...Algin....infrared enemas.

It's not as simple as "diet" or "fatty liver". When the candida has gone FUNGAL and has given a person LEAKY GUT....there need to be soo many measures taken to get the candida colonies OUT of your that these toxins are no longer in your bloodstream.

Anthony you are in the wrong forum. You keep advocating that it's as simple as not eating fats and eating more carbs...well if that has truly helped you then you never had FUNGAL leaky gut candida....and you are only giving people with FUNGAL candida false hope. You and the ppl who you have "helped" should go to another forum. Coconut oil was a lifesaver for me.


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