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Re: Persistent white tongue for the last three months, tested negative for HIV

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candisufferer Views: 33,174
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Persistent white tongue for the last three months, tested negative for HIV

Hi, ashler

So sorry you are dealing with difficulties. My heart reaches out to you. It's very bewildering topic to dive into and it still overwhelms me 16 months into learning about candida myself. Hang in day at a time.

I'm NO expert, just another sufferer so please take what you will and leave the rest. I just say replies about oral thrush and thought a little more insight might help you along.

Yes, candida is fairly common with HIV, this seems to be due to the abx's involved with HIV treatment, as much as the lowering of the body's immune function but, it's probably a combo of both. With that said, candida is also a factor with any long term abx treatment/illness such as TB, Lymes etc...

What's more common is it's almost impossible not to have a compromised immune system with candida. Candida isn't a stand alone situation but, I embrace it as more of a symptom of other issues. It's a long seemingly endless list however, things like adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid are typical from what I've found since they regulate so many body systems including immune response, to body pH, to liver issues, etc....Most are addressed to some degree with similar diet treatments along the lines of a candida protocol, which isn't just diet but, supplements, probiotics, etc.. It's not an inexpensive syndrome to treat so making a plan for the financial outlay can help reduce potential future stress....

You said you were very stressed for the past few months which could very well have taken a toll on your pathways; endocrine systems and what have you. They are all interconnected. Rarely, is candida present without something like a compromised immune system since it causes this through leaky gut. As it turns fungal it bores through the intestinal walls to enter the blood stream. These large holes are referred to as leaky gut and allow large molecule food particles to enter the blood stream which the body doesn't recognize as food but, rather mounts an immune response to invaders - which it most likely is already doing trying to deal with mycosis (fungus in the blood from leaking through into the blood stream). As bad as this all sounds, it's rather common and people do recover.

Yes, your sweet tooth probably played a role but, give yourself a break, many people eat chocolate for the "feel good" effect, particularly when stressed. The stress could have been enough on already weakened systems to throw your body further out of balance allowing candida to flourish. Beating yourself up or anyone else for that matter isn't gong to do you much good, and perhaps do you harm. Forgive and let go....

The worry from all the std tests could have put additional stress on your system, only making matters worse. Who knows? I don't.....I'd also gather there's nutritional deficiencies in play as well since they go hand in had with candida: from anemia to low salts, iodine, etc....

There are comprehensive candida protocols out there to help you navigate through your journey. IMHO everyone who has candida has been had issues leading up to this condition for a long time prior to noticing something was wrong: in hindsight I was sick for at least a decade perhaps two prior to discovering candida. As hard as this is to state, let alone receive, you are on a journey didn't get here over night and probably won't get out of it over night either. It's going to take some time and effort. (I keep telling myself these same things, as I struggle with this all day everyday so, you are NOT alone, as lonely as this all feels).

There are many good forums here covering in depth interconnecting issues: adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid, iodine, body pH, oil pulling, liver flushes, enemas, etc.(a long list)...Some are extremely complicated subjects so, it's going to take time to gradually grasp things - this isn't a 10 yard dash, it's a marathon so go easy on yourself and keep at it. There is hope and one day, we all will be able to share chocolate again along with you - hopefully. The primary treatment is going to involve diet, probiotics, supplements, etc....



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