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homeopatics and detox
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Published: 9 years ago
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homeopatics and detox

Homeopathics are great for detox in general.
Coffea however has a narrow range of action, and would only work if you have its symptoms like insomnia where the thougths are racing and you are tired but cant sleep.

A better option if to much coffee is the remedy Nux Vomica or Sulphur. Both have a broad range of action
The former is best if one has taken to much drugs, medications or a long time exposure to toxic substances like chlorine and fluoride.
- The latter as a detox in general, with a burning element to it.
These remedies work in a centrifugal way, from inside out.

But, homeopathy sees pathology in levels, so if the illness has gone very deep, like to the mind; which I am sorry to say, I see far to much of these days, like when I get desperate PMs from souls that want help.

In these cases I would actually recommend Aurum Metallicum, yes gold.. in high potencies.
If this was a case, one would then see a deep Depression lift up to a physical level of detox, which is the difficult part, because all the causes WHY one became that ill in the first place will surface.
This is the time to stick with the remedy, not run away, or take some allopatics to suppress the symptoms. But this is a difficult phase, I admit.

In my homeopathic school practice years ago I even saw patients starting to blame the remedy or the teacher as this was to hard for some to take on their own shoulders.
I have seen the same with iodine; in the detox phase. Several cases of mine has been angry at me, lol. But not for long. Some even quit the program for a few weeks and months, then come back when they see that they adressed it all wrong.

Ok; homeopatic detox; a wonderful thing, but not so easy as one could think. Taking to much borax I did myself, on purpose, just to test its action. I developed a couple of the homeopathic borax symptoms, but didnt need to take the homeopathic pills, as my body managed very well without. borax (and iodine) have a short halftime in your body, so after a day or two it was all gone. -And one could always antidote with fluoride or aluminium.. but I wouldnt recommend it.

But in theory; yes. To much mercury CAN be treated with merc. sol (homeopatic mercury)- but only if the symptoms fit the remedy description. If not, you can take a ton of homeopatics without effect. In homeopathy size doesnt matter :)))

"Kicking the Habit (Nux Vomica)

A remedy that can ease withdrawal
—compiled by Homeopathy Today staff
Throughout the history of homeopathy, Nux vomica has helped people with addictions. It can ease withdrawal symptoms, smooth and shorten the detoxification process, and address the lingering effects of overdoing any drug. Like any homeopathic remedy, however, Nux vomica is not a panacea and works best when selected to fit a person’s individual symptoms."

"Nux-v is actually detoxing the nerves, it took me many years to realize this simple fact. If you look in the picture of this remedy you will see that Nux is a nerve cleaner (from anger, stress, TV, overwork, drugs, medicine, alcohol, coffee, rat poison, etc.), and this is where actually most drugs and many herbs (not all!) affect people too.

You don't really have to have a typical Nux constitution to have the nerves affected and no homeopath would ever care about the constitution when hearing that somebody drank too much or took medicine and he/she will think first of Nux-v

Nux vomica is not acting so well against antibiotica because antibiotica is not affecting the nerves primarily. So Nux is not antidoting chemicals and posions generally, but only the effected nerves from that poison (coffee is a nerve poison, read here:

Why is Nux-v so often find in stomach and digestive problems ? Because the stomach is directly affected and connected by/with the nerves (anger, emotions, toxins, stress)"

Sulphur; for the greatest of souls?

" The patients obvious traits are sometimes tainted by miasmatic layers of a chronic disease. These need to be homeopathicaly removed (like peeling an onion layer by layer). Out of the thousands to choose from, sulphur is the most extreme in intellectual abilities. Sulphur patients have unusualy gifted mental abilities from the day they are born. Some sulphurs are: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Samuel Hahnemann, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates.

Among our great leaders, inventors, scientists, gurus, and mathematicians, there have been many sulphurs. The scholar, the creative genius, the eccentric, the impulsive artist; all have minds that flow profusely into metaphysics, theories, and equations. All are famous for answering in long-winded sentences."



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