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Re: dont think the Beck Protocol Works!!!!

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zepplin2011 Views: 8,192
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: dont think the Beck Protocol Works!!!!

The problem that you have is anyone who has been cured is not here any longer. They do not need the forums. So, just how many have you actually interviewed who actually used the Beck Protocol? And you have been seriously researching this for how many decades? Your first appearance on the CureZone was 11 days ago?"

But cant you see, its the same argument EVERY SINGLE TIME! "you cant find anyone who has been cured because once they get cured they disappear". It just not realistic--if somene was cured of a serious illness/infection/disease/etc, they would be telling the whole f***ing world! Many have written books about their cure, or made movies, or whatever, but where are the people who have been cured using the Bob Beck protocol? I dont see a documentary on that. All I see are fake looking "testimonials" which every single quack website has! Could this protocol work for some? Maybe. But also doing nothing works for some, and you dont have to spend money on doing nothing. I just want proof! I dont want fake ass testimonials and random people trolling these sites and selling stuff and them being the ones to proclaim how great xyz treatment is, how is cured their moma of this or that, how Big Pharma is suppressing them, ow whatever hogwash they talk about. I want proof, cant you see? Show me someone who has used this therapy for a viral infection. Show me! Put me in contact with someone. At least a few people. give me their facebook, their email, something! Proof! Where is it? 

For your information, I have been tryig to track down ANYONE who has used the protocol. I found people via youtube, facebook, etc and have sent out many messages. Many didnt respond, but a few did and they said it didnt work! I admit, it was only a few but stiil--no success. Thats 0 for cures and 3 for it not working. 0 to 3! If i was cured of something and recieved a message, I would write back ASAP! 

I have tried may alternative therapies for various issues and it seems that there are many many quacks out there selling snake oil and taking advantage the sick! That is sick man! 

I am not saying Bob Beck himself was a quack, but simply that his protocol works in theory only and I base this opinion on what I have read and heard from the people who used his protocol. the evidence is just not there. 

Now, I am always open to debate and I want people to step forward and show me this protocol worked for you. Show me before I invest a bunch of money into trying this therapy. Instead of hiding behind here, step up! Come out of the closet and prove this therapy works. If I can have proof, I will try it. If it works, I will be the biggest proponent of it and not be one of the so called cured people who randomly dissapear. 

Lastly, who are these so called pharma people? My goodness, some people seem so delusional. Prove that there are pharma people here or there or wherever, trolling around. Come on people, this is crazy. 



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