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Re: dont think the Beck Protocol Works!!!!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: dont think the Beck Protocol Works!!!!

You have receive a private e-mail but I will provide some illumination here.

I would be proud to be called a quack. It is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a person who really cares about his fellow human beings.

The real cons are people that charge as much as $10,000.00 a day to poison their patients. Those who survive chemotherapy treatment suffer massive damage to their bodies that lasts the rest of their lives. Brain damage so severe that they can never think straight again. Kidney damage, Liver damage, recurrent cancer. Chemotherapy is one of the greatest scams ever imposed on mankind and its perpetrators need to repent of their sin.

You obviously, as said before appear to be a pharma troll because all you have done is to attack. From what I have seen, you have no real interest in the truth.

>- I nearly spent theh $850 to buy the protocol from sota.

I know SOTA and the make fine products. These products are not cheap to make, and yes, there have been many people who have had extensive positive benefits from using them. Cured? Heck if I know but the beneficial effects are worthwhile and if I had a choice between Beck and Chemo, there is not question. They can not however, guarantee they you will follow the protocol correctly. This is the main reason for failure.

You can get this stuff cheaper and there is plenty of instruction on how to do it yourself. I bought a BBBE and Colloidal Silver Generator for less that $50.00.

>- permitted by MIB, FDA, trolls, big pharma, etc

NO! Encouraged and even promoted by those mentioned.

Are you familiar with the 'Blue Man', Paul Karason ?

He took large doses of Colloidal Silver which is a part of the Beck protocol. As a result of his discoloration, he has been paraded all over TV as an example of what goes wrong when you try alternatives. I have seen him on several shows and in every case, he is shown as an example of what not to do. What does Paul say? Karason says he's still drinking the stuff, with no plans to stop - or go to the doctor, for that matter. None of the shows allow him to speak out about that though. BTW, the FDA declared Colloidal Silver to be illegal in 1999. Why? Because it is better and cheaper tham many Antibiotics but the pharmaceutical companies do not have control over it. No one has ever died from it or been debilitated by it, other than a little blue color. It is all about the money.

>- cured disapear or are afraid to talk to me bc they are scared of the MIB, fda, trolls, big pharma, etc??????? I mean, really? Cant you see how silly this sounds?

I have had people hang up on me in the middle of a conversation when I tell them that my phone conversations are recorded by the FDA. It is not silly. Have you even looked at the 'Patriot Act'? In a world where they can track you down and kill you with a missile because they think that you are a terrorist without any kind of a trial, what do you expect?

George Orwell's 1984 is definitely here. Just look at WikiPedia. I placed a response on the Naked scientist providing a legitimate link to the zapper working and they were so lost that they removed the entire topic, not just the message.

>- What do you sell?

Strangely enough, I sell ParaZapper which is arguably one of the best products that you can buy.

I also used to include a booklet ' parasite Zapping and the Zapper' that is now available at

Why do I sell zappers?

They are a blessing to many who suffer and have been deserted by the medical profession. Please note, I also sometimes GIVE them away to those who are needing and deserving, such as orphanages and some clinics in 3rd world countries.

I get frequent calls from customers who bought zappers 5,7, and even 12 years ago. Thanking me and telling how these things literally saved their lives in some cases and just made life better in others.


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