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Re: MMS in lieu of antibiotics?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: MMS in lieu of antibiotics?

THANK YOU - TRYING Miracle-Mineral-Supplement TONIGHT.

what a great idea!

There are topical and internal natural Antibiotics to use
I am so sorry to hear of your dental problems! Despite heavy brushing etc., over the years, I too suffered from lots of dental issues. I learned a lot the hard way.

I have found some things to be extremely helpful in getting rid of infections, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal. One is Olive Leaf Extract liquid form, and the other is Collodial Silver. (Be sure and get quality products. I happen to order mine from Herbal Healer, because I know the products to be effective without being expensive. You will not be able to get Collodial Silver in the winter months though unless you get a local source).

Topically, a good Grapefruit Seed Extract will help reverse dental issues. A good Grapefruit Extract is too potent to use directly on the skin without being diluted. You can add one drop to your toothpaste on your toothbrush each time you brush. It shouldn't have much if any taste.

The fact that you have had a root canal isn't good. That's another one of those expensive dental procedures which doesn't fix a tooth permanently but they sure make lots of money doing them! The nerve and the pulp of that tooth is removed in a root canal. That is what supplies the tooth with the moisture it needs. Without it, in time the tooth becomes brittle and will break off if not permanently capped.

Another disservice to all of us is the heavy use of fluoride in our toothpastes and water. If most people knew exactly what the fluoride was and where it came from, there would be a huge outcry!!! Short version: Fluoride is toxic and causes tooth damage. Don't use toothpastes with it, and make sure it isn't in your water. If you want to find out exactly what fluoride is and how it's a major fraud on the public, go to Google and search on the subject.

I would consider doing a detox of your choosing once the infection is gone. Several years ago I started using a product from Health Plus,Inc.,called Super Colon Cleanse. They have a website where you can order it if you cannot find it locally. It is not a laxative! Start slow with one capsule at bedtime and gradually build your self up to two in the morning and two at night. Use for two months. At some point you will feel worse before you feel better, as the toxins are eliminated. But once you are through it, you will feel like a new person!!!! I like the Super version as it has many herbs for digestive support and gentle detoxing. It should be gentle and not harsh. The very first time I used it several years ago, I came down with bronchitis when it started cleaning out my lungs. If you have the Collodial Silver and Olive Leaf Extract liquid, you will not have any problems with any secondary infections from toxins being eliminated. Then once a year do an annual detox to stay on top. You will have more energy and feel great!!!!

At this point you may need to consider dentures or a partial. They are not cheap, but if you have access to a dental college, the work can be done for a lot less. If you are in the process of getting your income tax refund, maybe that will enable you to get your dental needs. Our teeth have a large role in our overall health. Don't put it off!!!

I wish you the best in overcoming this challenge.

And here is a tip for future use in case of teeth pain from infections. Due to infection, our pain pills cannot get through to the nerve to eliminate pain. However, the nerve ending for the teeth end in the hand on the same side. If your pain is on the right side, use the right hand. In the "webbing" between our thumb and index finger you can apply pressure with an ice pack. I press rather hard into that webbing and it doesn't hurt. I would always be pain free in a couple of minutes!!!! It also caused me more pain when I would lay down at night. So I would take several pillows and prop myself into a comfortable position and keep my head as elevated as possible. It helped me a lot and I hope some of this helps you too.

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