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Have you had a tetanus shot, flu shot, H1N1 shot? Read on...
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Published: 9 years ago
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Have you had a tetanus shot, flu shot, H1N1 shot? Read on...

Long story short, I was watching a documentary last night which talked about Gulf War Syndrome, which I'm sure most people here have heard about. I especially have interest in this and have so for a long time, because my husband is a veteran, and I've long been concerned about the vaccines, both known and unknown, that were forced upon them. So the show talked about a component in the anthrax vaccine called Squalene, which was basically responsible for the cause of the illness. If you are not familiar with GWS, I would suggest you google it, because it is eerily similar to things like AF, candida, lupus, lyme, MS and many other diseases, autoimmune in nature. Essentially, the Squalene ruins your immune system and causes infertility in many people (the primary cause for why it was created in the first place). Incidentally, I am infertile and my husband had fertility issues as well.

I tried to remember back to when I first became symptomatic. Laying in bed this morning, I remembered falling in the office I was working in at the time, slicing my armpit open and having to have stitches and a tetanus shot. This got me to thinking. So I googled tetanus shots and Squalene and sure enough, it is, or at least at the time I had it, was in it. I felt sick inside. I then googled what "shots" Squalene are/were in (there are disputes as to whether it is still being used - some say yes, some say no), and found things like Antrax vaccines, H1N1 vaccines, flu shots and many other "common" vaccines that people have everyday. On the show, the experts interviewed (one of which was a medical doctor), talked about how they found it in people with Lupus and other autoimmune disease.

I'm not saying this is the cause of my health problems but I will say this - I started getting sick within a year or two of having the tetanus shot. I have been trying to find out for years what the catalyst was for me getting sick - literally being fine one day and the next my life started falling apart. My grandma, while she was still living, had the flu shot one time only in her life. It made her horribly sick and she never got over it. I'm not saying it killed her, but her health slowly went down hill after that over a period of years. Look it up for yourself and if you remember having any of these kinds of shots or vaccines and your health problems starting within a few years afterwards, you may have your answer. Hope this helps someone.

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