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Re: Help for a newbie and Iodine
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Help for a newbie and Iodine


You and your wife will be very happy to read our Iodine Testimonials. Fibrocystic breasts and PCOS are both cured by iodine, PCOS takes longer. FBD can be cured in just a few months. FBD pain gone in just weeks.

Wife should get completely Detoxed before getting pregnant. In her condition, the Dr. Brownstein advice would be to to slowly titrate her up to 100mg daily.

My concern is that you are starting her on too high a dosage. She is certain to be LOADED with halide toxins of bromide, fluoride & chlorine. If she starts on too much Iodine too soon, she can get very sick with detox symptoms, as the Iodine forces more toxins out of her body than the liver & kidneys can handle. I suggest starting her on 2% Lugols liquid and dilute 1 drop into a bottle of water, drink 2 ounces daily for the 1st week and titrate the dosage up each week. Start on this schedule:

This is controversial, but she can start small and try to be as aggressive as she can tolerate. Ask her to follow these detox instructions:

You forgot to buy the ATP Cofactors tablets (B2 & B3).

After she has detoxed, she can drop her iodine dosage back to "Maintenance Level" for life. This means 50mg iodoral, or less if you can eliminate fluoridated water, toothpaste, bromide in Bread, and read labels to eliminate all the other sources of bromide, fluoride, & chloride. She could go as low as 12.5mg a day.

YES she should stay on iodine while pregnant. The fetus requires iodine for enhanced brain power. Keep her away from fluoridated water, and don't give the infant fluoridated baby water.

You also need to get yourself on iodine with required supplements to protect yourself from thyroid, cancers and prostate problems. A side benefit of iodine is it promotes healthy hormone levels in men & women for optimal libido & mental health.

Please use this guide for access to all of our files:

Hope this helps,

My wife has a severly bad Iodine deficeny (did the swab test and her body pulled all the iodine in in less than 3 hours) and i looked high and low for a reason why she had PCOS and it seems that this might be the cause because she doesnt eat things rich in iodine (hates fish and seafood)

My wife dearly want to have a baby, and i think that this could help her clear the PCOS and get things better for her. I just wantd to ask some questions and ask for help because as i say we have never done this before and it looks like this is her problem.

I used this document here:

to tell me what to buy for her detoxing (the iodine i have gotten her is the lodoral tablets (both the 12.5 and 50mg) what i was thinking of doing is starting her on maybe half of the 12.5mg tablet and see how she copes and then start to slowly make the doses bigger.

My wife also has cysts in her breasts so i was wondering if she tells me that they are getting smaller and are maybe dissolving does it mean that it is likely that her ovarian cysts are dissolving too?

My wife was on femaprin but it seems to be a bit of a band-aid solution and it didnt seem to work that well and most probably it is not getting to the root of the problem.

What i am worried about is doing this do you do this?

Is it like this:

1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water whilst taking your magnesium and selenium and 1/2 tablet of lodoral 1 1000mg vitamin c in the morning and 1 in the basically do you pretty much take it all in 1 time during the day apart from the 2nd dose of vitamin c or do you have to spread it out?

Also if this works what happens when my wife finally falls pregnant, is it safe to take this stuff through pregnancy or is it not a good idea? If you cant take this stuff through pregnancy what happens because i think if she leaves it once pregnant surely her PCOS will return and her hormones will go bad again and she could miscarry right?

Sorry for all the questions, obviously i am very precious about my wife and i am scared of making her really unwell or maybe badly damaging her organs when she goes through the detoxing stage i would never forgive myself.

Would this definitely work for breast cysts and ovarian cyst if i use all of the co-supplimentation because i see a few stories floating arount that iodine loading is dangerous and some people say even that (i presume they are doing it wrong) that it makes them worse or they have done it for years and there has been no benefits. I would hate this to be the case because me and my wife are counting on this to make a difference and i think that it should because her body drew in that iodine swab test very quickly.

Kind Regards
Thanks for all your help


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