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sherri's cancer therapy protocol
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Published: 9 years ago

sherri's cancer therapy protocol

Sherri's Cancer Therapy Protocol:

1. Protocel (alternate names Cancell, Cantron, Entelev)........Watch this Good Video:
(Protocel can't be used with supplements, chemo or radiation, must be used alone) (can order online from
2. Paw Paw (can get at healthfood store)
3. Bromelain (can get at healthfood store)
4. Beetroot (can get a regular grocery store)
5. Herbal parasite Cleanse to verify this common parasite is present (decomposed bodies look like rolled up tomato skins) DO NOT EAT TOMATOES WHILE TAKING THESE HERBS SO YOU WON'T BE CONFUSED! (Herbal parasite cleanses can be purchased at health food stores)
6. Praziquental/Triclabendazol/Albendazole Drug Treatment to get rid of the Parasite Flukes (hard to get these drugs in this country, have to find outside sources)
7. Baking Soda & Water to alkalize (non-aluminum containing baking soda can be purchased at health food store)
8. High levels of vitamin C supplements (can get at health food store)
9. Allimed for virus/bacteria/fungal complications (can order online)
10. Cognac for virus/bacteria complications (can get at liquer store)
11. Pinneaple (also seems to be anti-parasitic)
12. Papaya (also seems to be anti-parasitic)
13. Ozone Infusion
14. Vitamin C Infusion (not while taking Protocel, use to strengthen body while undergoing chemo or radiation)
15. Iodine drops (Internal kind added to water or baking soda & water drink) (can get food grade Iodine at health food store)
16. Baking Soda & Water to flush any open tumors
17. Iodine for skin cancers
18. Cottage Cheese & Flax Seed Oil (Can get Flax Seed Oil at health food store) (One tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil mixed into a serving of Cottage Cheese)

First Part:

First I would analyze how far along I am in my disease state. If there is enough time, then I would get on the Herbal Parasite Cleanse to validate the parasite problem to myself. If not then I would go directly
to the parasite treatment. I would take the Prazi/Triclabendazol/Albendazole Drug treatment to get rid of the Parasite Flukes fast. Then after these parasites are all gone, my immune system
would be much more capable of handling the cancer. If I was in the end stages of Cancer, I would take the Protocel Immediately, unless the NCI chart says that Protocel doesn't work with my particular cancer. Eventually, after I got stronger, I would have to take the drugs to get rid of the parasites. But, I would hold off until I was strong enough.

If there are any external open tumors, I would be sure to flush these with Baking Soda and Water Immediately. Any tumors in the intestinal tract I would flush as well by drinking Baking Soda and Water. Some
doctors actually inject the tumor with a syring filled with Baking Soda and Water. I would probably be too afraid to do this though.

If there is any skin cancers, I would treat Immediatly with Iodine directly on tumor.

I would drink Baking Soda & Water daily.

I would add Food Grade Iodine drops to my Baking Soda & Water Drink daily.

I would take Allimed for any virus/bacteria/fungal complications from taking the Parasite meds. (When the parasites die off, they release bacteria, virus's and fungus) (can order online)
(as a backup I would get some good Cognac if the Allimed doesn't seem to be working. Two shots of cognac will help fight the organisms)

I would flush any cancer tumors with Baking Soda & Water and Iodine, I would flush the tumors daily, several times if possible.

I would also incorporate Cottage Cheese & Flax Seed Oil into my diet, taken daily.

Second Part:

I would look at the NCI Protocel/Cantron/Cancell effectiveness chart and determine whether to start the Protocel therapy or the PawPaw/Bromelain/Beetroot/Vitamin C/Pinneapple/Papaya/Ozone Infusion/Vitamin C Infusion therapy. If the cancer cell line is something that Protocel works well with, then I would begin with the Protocel therapy. I would Eat the normal western diet while doing protocel, since I am not suppose to use any supplements other than the Iodine/Baking Soda and Water Drink Combo. Allimed and Cognac should be ok as well. I would Flush with Baking Soda & Water as well as Topical Iodine Treatment daily.


I would probably choose to use some Traditional therapy. I may have the tumor removed. I may undergo Chemo. I may undergo Radiation. I wouldn't take the Protocel during chemo or radiation though. It's ok to take while or after surgery. I would have Vitamin C infusions if I was handling the chemo badly, and definitely during radiation treatments. I would follow the PawPaw/Bromelain/Beetroot/Vitamin C/Pinneapple/Papaya/Ozone Infusion/Vitamin C Infusion Therapy as much as I was capable of during Chemo and radiation treatment. It might be best to hold off on the Vitamin C Infusion Therapy on the first round of chemo. I would only use this therapy if I was handling the chemo badly and feared the chemo might kill me. It has extreme protective effects on your body during chemo treatment. People don't get near as sick after a Vitamin C Infusion. But, more research needs to be done to determine if it also strengthens the cancer tumor or not. There is evidence both ways. Most of the research says that it kills cancer. It does seem to save people from dying from the Chemo treatment though. So I would use it as needed to keep from dying from the chemo treatment. Also, the most difficult thing to obtain in this protocol is the parasite drugs. They almost have to be obtained from other countries. There is only a couple of doctors working with Americans on this. Good luck finding it. If someone is desperate to find out where a doctor is, please contact me via e-mail on here and I will refer you to one that can get you these medicines.

Background Info:

I had cancer and really noticed the benifits of complimentary and alternative treatments. I had cancer AND I also had the parasite that seems to go along with cancer. After battling cancer and after battling my parasite problem, I honestly feel as though I have learn a whole lot. I have had a first hand education. I have cleared up an infection on my reconstructed breast with baking soda and water after traditional therapies weren't working and the infection just seemed to be getting worse. I can't attest to baking soda and water or iodine working on cancer cells, but I can attest that I have done extensive research on PubMed and there are numerous research documents that attest to iodine deficiency being implicated in many cancers as well as the acidic nature of cancer. I also know that there are doctors that are treating cancer successfully with both baking soda and water as well as iodine. I also know that a doctor and researcher has done extensive research on the cancer/parasite connection. I have found through personal experience that everything she has said is actually true. I have been through the ringer and my personal experiences have validated the parasite theory. I have also learned that herbal parasite cleanses will alert you to the parasites, but they CANNOT get rid of them completely! Not from my experience anyhow. I battled the parasites with herbs for eight years with no success. Make it easy on yourself, get the drugs (Praziquental, Triclabendazole, Albendazol) The drugs work fast, the herbs take forever and the parasites always seem to come back.

I have learned the benifits of battling virus's with Protocel and how effective it is, personally. I have reviewed the numerous testimonies of folks who have been cured of cancer with protocel. I have reviewed the NCI's own study into the effectiveness of Protocel and learned that the results show that it was highly effective even though their statments don't match the actual results. You have to actually READ the results of their study to come to this conclusion. Protocel works better than the chemo that they compared it to, they just choose not to admit it. I also know the benifits of Vitamin C Infusion Therapy (with an I.V. solution). It felt as though the chemo was killing me, sending me into the emergency room for days with heart complications. I decided to try a Vitamin C Infusion. One infusion before my next chemo and it was like a miracle! I didn't even get one bit sick this time. Vitamin C Infusion was a Godsend to me. Sometimes I tell people that it actually saved my life.

This whole protocol is one that I would personally do if I ever got cancer back again. I am not giving medical advise, just my own personal opinion and testimony of what I would choose to do should it ever return. I am not a doctor, just a very experienced patient.


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