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Re: MRI or CT scan for Tapeworms?

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: MRI or CT scan for Tapeworms?

I would ask about parasites anyway as he'll request a stool sample then (while having in the back of his mind that you are mentally ill -- best not to mention anything at all that may make him concern mental health). The problem is not requesting a stool test itself, rather that most GPs assume it to the be-all-and-end-all concerning parasites, and do not realise how unreliable stool tests are.

From my experience doctors don't just give out CT/MRI due to radiation exposure (CT) and cost. More likely ultrasound first.

Regarding ascites, it's not easily diagnosed and only common in very heavy parasite infestations. Usually only diagnosed by CT. Some types diagnosed by inflammatory markers in blood, but that is not likely with parasites.

In my case I have been chronically ill 5 years -- had been extremely bloated with pain and pressure, could no longer fit into any trousers despite not increasing food intake. There seemed to be a lot of pressure in my abdomen, so much so that I think it helped me develop a severe hiatal hernia with GERD. Was also burping constantly and annoying everyone in my presence. I also developed breathing difficulties (I'm only 30 so this shouldn't be happening). I'm pretty sure it was ascites as it got worse and worse and I noticed that I would swell up most after drinking fluids, and then shrink back down after fluids dissipated again.

Then I had an incident which I believe to be larval migration whereby pressure built up in abdomen and I felt sharp pains at what I believe to be puncture points on both the left and right hand sides. I could feel things moving upwards from these points and dissipating upwards through body towards my head, with some proceeding down arms to hands and leaving red streaks on skin, with some also going towards feet in the other direction (I also have had cysts in lips and groin for years and recall a similar incidents years before). I also then had weird white balls popping out my eyes from tear ducts after pressure building up behind them and small worms less than a cm (and some microscopic after looking through microscope) coming out my nose and mouth, as well as gritty stuff in mouth. Anyway, back to my ascites theory, well after this incident after I took a drink I could feel fluid leaking out of the points on my abdomen that I mentioned - I could actually manipulate the fluid and move it around with my hands!!! (though don't think this is typical, as my GP was so useless that only did a blood test and refused to believe me or even look at my abdomen!!!).

Some praziquantel and a hell of a lot of offshore-ordered albendazole later and a few months later almost all those chronic symptoms and swelling are gone... (Albendazole seemed to cause blood to go to areas of dull pain and then change that to a cool sensation, followed by fever, followed by itching sensation a couple of weeks later) Stools back to normal too (were mucusy before with occasional blood) Still not 100% (still some movement around my eyes and sinuses and a wee bit in abdomen, but a MUCH better than I was, and I had tried a LOT of things before antihelmetics). Could be many types of worm, I most suspect that I personally have some type of roundworm (though t. Solium tape larvae is a possibility). Still waiting for infectious diseases doctor to be more precise... (Oh, and another big dose of albendazole arriving in the post as I have lost all confidence in the medical profession!)

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