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Documenting, videotaping, digital microscopic images, compiling a list of people, and then alerting the media.
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Published: 10 years ago

Documenting, videotaping, digital microscopic images, compiling a list of people, and then alerting the media.

Formerly, Mansonella perstans.

It is awful what the doctors are doing. The CDC and the AMA are not doing enough to educate their docs and the public if it's ignorance that they claim for this treatment. It is damaging to Americans that doctors are not working together enough and sharing information.

I was not prepared for the reactions I got. I was so naive. I walked in with my microscope and the nematode thinking I was going to get a pat on the back and a well done. How naive was I!!!I"m now convinced THEY"RE crazy. Like evil, Nazi crazy. From what I've experienced firsthand, I hate to say it, but I feel this treatment is intentional. When you go in with samples and a microscope and they refuse to look, well....the earth is round not flat...but we do know what happened to those that said it was round, now, don't we? The mental health insinuations are off the wall.

What I've done is buy a digital microscope. I would suggest that all who can, get a microscope....they have the Celestron 44302 for 45 bucks, and it's good enough to least for identification and getting them on the screen. The AmScopes aren't bad and are fairly cheap. Keep records, I suggest to everyone, and start getting some images yourselves...if you can, and document, document, document..You can then put the images on a disk, or on junk drive, and send them on or again, combine with what others have, and then go to the media. Enough is enough.

I got lucky. I guess I didn't know how lucky I was to get the samples I did. Someone on a Science website told me to get a portable 60x-100x, liitle Carlson, for twelve bucks at Radio Shack. Most can be seen with low magnification. And now I bought an Olympus. What's bad, and I think the media is going to have to get involved, is that this is being done intentionally, with full knowledge by the medical community, and on top of an already serious enough trauma with the damage they do to our bodies and the difficulty in being "invaded" by something so hard to get rid of, they add they additional awful, insidious trauma of insinuating you have mental health issues. There can't be this many people with this being told the same things from all over the U.S, Canada, England....they're all denying it. we have to do? fly to f***ing Africa? I'm so damn angry I could spit.

I really do think we should start some type of list on here, not with our names, but those of us that have documented, videotaped, have microscopic images, etc. And some of us that have grown up in Florida, lived off the west coast of Africa, and had her son in a little village hospital in Albufeira, have some of a tropical nature. I think we should make a list, those of us that can, and then contact the media. If you have video cameras, video tape everything.

After the list, pulled together, go to the media. This is wrong, wrong, wrong and this is our country....

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