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Re: exfoliative cheilitis my story
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: exfoliative cheilitis my story

Haha man your inability to read and understand simple statements is now just sad. Time finally set the record straight.

Healing2021: "... [it's false] that I ever implied in any way that exercise heals everything"

Longterm: "Tell the people from the other forum you never implied exercise heals anything."

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING are two completely different words with very different meanings. Again you are putting words in my mouth. I didnt say that I never said "exercise doesnt cure anything", I said that I never claimed that "Exercise cures EVERYTHING". Which you keep implying that I said with comments like:

Longterm: "And no matter how much I exercise, it will not improve celiac disease or get rid of my viruses. Can you get rid of chicken pox or herpes by exercising? So, what you wrote is illogical."

Which I never implied at all. And even if you didnt misconstrue words like EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, I never said that exercise cures ANYTHING. I said its the most basic and natural way to keep your body healthy and that MAYBE (not claiming to KNOW anything) your lack of exercise is the reason you are fatigued. Which makes perfect sense because many who do not get exercise or are in poor shape get fatigued from everyday activities. Again not saying I KNOW this is the case but MAYBE it is. The above information is proven in the direct quotes below:

Healing2021: "Also you talk about these natural ways to keep your body healthy and "release toxins" etc, yet you dont exercise at all. Exercise is BY FAR the most natural, and healthy way to stay healthy." (NOTHING here implying that exercies cures ANYTHING let alone that it cures EVERYTHING like you claim I said)

Healing2021: "MAYBE your constantly fatigued BECAUSE you never exercise." (With emphasis on the MAYBE meaning that I am not implying I KNOW by any means.)

Now as far as telling you to leave the forum, I was trying to say that you should take a break from the forum, and see your friends. Thats what most people want to do when they are finally treated after a long battle with EC. And the fact that you didnt want to take this time to live a normal life for a bit, made me concerned that you are in fact treated. Agains here is the exact quote:

Healing2021(PM): "My advice, leave the forum, at least for awhile. I dont want to say that I question that your condition is treated, but the fact that you continue to check the forum so much did concern me. You still seemed to check it all day. I mean dont you want to go out with your friends and leave all of this behind.

(Continued): "I understand you were helping me out, but I didnt think/expect you to be on here so much. It seems like you havent been living your life, like I would expect someone to after all of this"

And also did I not mention MULTIPLE times how much I appreciated you staying on and helping me with the treatment?

Healing2021(PM): "Anyways, congratulations on your health and being able to find the treatment for your condition. Not many people can say that. You did a great job. And thank you for trying to help me with the treatment."

AND FINALLY. My derm NEVER said that potassium-iodide was used for wound treating. YOU tried to convince me that it was. She said that it has long been a remedy for many INFLAMMATORY SKIN DISEASES.

Longterm: "I do have a PM, which you stated your dermatologist stated potassium Iodine was used in past to treat wounds. You said your dermatologist thought this was a wound. Another memory lapse."

No actually you must be having a memory lapse...

Healing2021(PM): "She also is very intrigued by the potassium- Iodine drops. She said its a very old method for inflammatory conditions, and can be VERY effective. So she is going to write me a prescription for some drops."


Healing2021(PM): " But the potassium- Iodine drops have been used for many year for inflammatory conditions".

She even mentioned NOT to use it on the skin, because it can be damaging. I dont think she would tell me to treat a wound with something that damages skin (AKA creates a wound).

Healing2021(PM): "BUT, she told me NOT to use it on my lips. She said that it could be very damaging to the lips if you use them directly on them. She told me that you need to take it by mouth."

And I also mentioned to you about the case I read where a woman put potassium Iodide on her WOUND and it burned a hole in her skin to the bone!

So please Longterm just stop. Your just making yourself look stupid. I will be gone forever soon, so do yourself a favor and just be patient. Because right now you are just accusing me of doing everything that in fact you are doing.


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