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Would LOVE advice. Suffering candida and mercury toxicity
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Published: 11 years ago

Would LOVE advice. Suffering candida and mercury toxicity

Hey everyone.

Without going into too much backstory I want to describe where I'm at right now with my health. In spring 2010 I was treated for chlamydia through my GP. She put me on Antibiotics for a two week course. I retested when it was over and that came back clear. Later that year I began to have intense pains in my testis (I am a 26 year old male by the by).

I decided to go to a urologist to check it out and he diagnosed epyditimis and prescribed two weeks of Antibiotics . After finishing that round I didn't feel better in regards to my urinary tract, in fact I felt worse in other ways. I phoned his office and explained how I felt and how my lymph glands in my neck had swole and he prescribed yet ANOTHER round of Antibiotics . In my ignorance I wasn't taking probiotics to coincide with these and my gut was essentially destroyed.

After a bit of research I came to realize I most likely have Candida Albicans, CRC or whatever you like to call it. This was around spring 2011. After that I did a 7 day cleanse and went on what you might call a candida diet. I followed it pretty strictly for 6 months. Feeling little gains, if any at all, I began to get apathetic. I started drinking and smoking (marijuana) again. Around October 2011 I found out about mercury toxicity and had yet another a-ha moment. I thought my candida must not be backing off because of the concurrent mercury load in my body.

My background with mercury is as follows: mother has a mouthful of silver fillings, I was breast fed, I have one silver filling (and perhaps another that is a composite of plastic and mercury), Also in 2009 I was exposed to a broken florescent lightbulb at my place of work. I even cleaned up the mess with no regard for "mercury vapor".

Here is a list of the symptoms I deal with daily:

sensitivity to light
ringing in ears
pressure on head
ADD and inability to focus
OCD like symptoms
weakness in muscles
weight loss (I average about 150 and am 120 right now at 6')
random pains all over body (I associate this with my musculo-skeletal system)
wounds heal very slowly and leave lasting scars or marks
swollen lymph nodes in neck that can be slightly painful
poor circulation
pain in testis/kidneys
mild psychosis
feelings of dread of dying

So the crossroads I am at now, and have been for quite awhile is this: Do I chelate now while my body is burdened with candida? Should I just adhere to a strict anti candida diet and work on that and THEN chelate later? Or should I just go for the candida and chelation simultaneously?

and before you ask I have been tested for HIV twice and Hepatitis. I also went on a dental campaign earlier this year and removed my old root canal tooth as well as my silver filling.

I'm back on a healthy AC diet and am already feeling the good effects of that. What I need now is just some good advice and a nudge in the right direction. I am afraid making the wrong choices will land me in a place of irreversibly bad health and/or death itself.

Thank you and best wishes on your own journeys to health.

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