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2013 by MH

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New lower prices!
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Published: 9 years ago

2013 by MH

The great thing about 2013 is the New Year Orange Juice "fasting" and for the first time in a few years, I have the sputnik internal zapper to make use of.

This year I want to experiment more with the rebuilding of the theory of why humans die so young and look so old is that they literally have lost their bones to worms.

OLD bones can be made of lead, aluminum, etc. inorganic minerals/metals and I hope to recreate the Dr. Hans Neiper experiments of the 60's where he learned how to enable people with dissolved hips rebuild new hips within 30 days, ONLY I choose to not use his cow method and choose an old herbal theory of Dr. Christopher's of which I have 100% all made and hopefully better than it has ever been made by anyone in the long forgotten past and sadly, BOTH Dr. Neiper M.D. of world fame and Dr. Christopher of American herbal fame; BOTH believed in ACID..............

Dr. Neiper in his last days pondered WHY do some doctors believe in ALKALINITY and of the few things Dr. Christopher was backwards on, was acid. SO OVER and OVER we have men of the long dead past learning bits and pieces of the human health puzzle and luckily they wrote their books bot only with their proven methods, but what they pondered over in their lifetime and could not figure out......


Very few books exist from the past on worms, matter a fact, I only ever came across 1 that I truly believed understood how to kill them in all mammals and only 1,000 ever were printed and kept private amongst a sellect group of peer reviewing doctors and since the cure was an herbal cure, that info never went very far.....

Very little exist on the worms that eat our bones.

Beyond Dr. Neiper I don't know of anyone that showed how they could rebuild bones in old people.

AND WHY ANY HUMANS BELIEVED in an acidic body is beyond these great doctors could get so mixed up in a belief the stomach needs to produce acid to be healthy.....

Luckily the fasting experts new otherwise and seen the stomach as the stomach of death because humans eat the wrong foods.....

While I personally believe this.......and outside the breath-air-ian circles, which are nearly none existent...our human stomach is our blood purifying organ and I believe that 100% and it can not do its job when the mouth allowed junk food to fill it and keep it full...

I know what we eat, is used in less than 10 minutes from the time it entered your mouth and beyond that 10 minutes, what is left, is "TRASH" for the worms to eat, bacteria to grow on and I 100% do not believe most everything Medical Colleges teach about anything when it comes to human health...not a thing.

I KNOW what you eat and make use of, exits your lungs and skin, within a few minutes of consumption and this literally means 99% of what you ate, clogs the elimination organs as it rots and makes its way down to the toilet.

Most all adult humans have non functional gallbladders and their liver is clogged, their pancreas is clogged and their skin and lungs basically keep them alive long after they should have died.

IN FACT, humans are difficult to kill, we are extremely strong, long living creatures when we do not poison our selves to death. It takes allot of poison to kill a human....any old folks home can prove that easily....they have old women that are so poisoned they can't even open their eyes and yet suck down spoons of food daily and like a large inflated worm producing factory, they lay in bed and live for YEARS........

I 100% believe BOOK I author's story of humans in South America where the men never die a normal death and choose to kill them selves at age 250 and still look as young as any of their children and Dr. Walker in current times witnessed these same people and gave clues of why they do not die.

Every author will testify that they should not have lived as long as they did; because before they had interest in living, they had already done many years of self-destructive habits and diets.

Dr. Carroll by far had the most impressive medical record and he gave several clues before he died:

1. all doctors wallow in their ignorance of human health.

2. We humans are no healthier than our last breath of air.

I personally believe you are going to need to read at least 100+ books written by the best medical authors on this planet and have the ability to sellect out of their occult written books, each "CLUE" and there are many pieces to the most illusive puzzle on earth and all of these men were searching and no one could live long enough to discover enough of them.......because there were not enough available books for them to build upon.....this is why Dr. Neiper wrote that NOTHING new about humans health has been learned past the year 1900; we just have people rediscovering the same things over and over.

NO MATTER how highly educated the person was, their cures relied on understanding nature and simplistic use of God created substances and never a man created anything.....

EVIL men capitalize on poisons and anything that harms our health is a poison to us and our AIR is the number 1 way to health or loss of health and since world war 2, evil men learned how to poison our air, our water, our food, etc., etc. so every piece of the puzzle, be it corrective diet/habits or avoiding the evil people ALL PLAYS A PART in how long you will live well.

The skin never lies....
If your appearance shows you are getting old, then you are in fact dying, which means you are "failing" to live.



And never forget your SPIRITUAL takes the spirit of GOD to enable your millions of cells to build you a new body and for you to "stand" up, walk and speak and "BE" who you are......

IN FACT there is a WAR on all sides......1 side wanting you dead and 1 side wanting you to are in fact, created from day 1, into a battle.....the moment your body fails to protect its self, is the moment it will be eaten, invaded, harmed in so many ways and when you become a captive within your own truly are screwed as you watch your self fall apart and returned to the soil.

YOU should be healthy till the day you die.

You should not get a sore throat, you should not get the flue, you should not get a cold and those that turn to cancers and all the rotten diseases no matter what your age; you are a result of your parents actions or your own actions and there is never a mystery in human health, you are what you have came from/done or an act of war against you.

Happy Holidays,

Yes "I" 100% believe anyone could live 3x longer than anyone that could care less about their health and those folks often swallow poison up into their 80's, even 90's before they croak.


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