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5 years on iodine, yay!
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Published: 8 years ago
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5 years on iodine, yay!

First of all I would like to adress my hypo T, as this was the thing that led me to iodine, and one year later, to this forum.

I am asked if it is gone, and yes; I would say it is 95 % at least, gone. Not that I ever took a test, but I had approx 80 % of the symptoms of this long and pathetic list;

Now I have like 2-3 % of them left.

My body temp was 36 ish C, I did the Barnes test; one morning it was as low as 35,6 C; this scared the H out of me, and was probably one of the things that made me take the first Iodine drops. I had the Lugols bottle in the cupboard for a couple of weeks before I dared.
Before that I had taken kelp, first a little, then loads of it without any help at all. For months.
Today my temperature is from 37-37,4 C

The hypo T improvement was great the first year of iodine, but not until I hit over 60 mg daily. Since then it has improved, very slowly but steady. What I noticed especially the last year is that my female friends use my hands as "warmers" when we are out. I rarely have cold hands anymore, sometimes they are even radiating heat. I have taken up the habit of ice-bading again, too.

What I have done is simply the Iodine protocol + all that borax I keep pushing at the forum :) I have done this steady, persistantly, kept taking it all, for years now.
Taking enough of everyting, taken to much of someting, adjusted, back to the basics, then steady again.
Boring, maybe; but persistence is a good thing IMO. I have no magic wand or magic herb, only the Iodine protocol, and persistence.
After 2 years of the steady protocol, I started experimenting again last spring.

- I have experimented with edible gold and sulfur, this have increased my well-being. Gold has an effect on the glands, it seems. Dont go overboard with it, but it is a reason for Gold being so expensive.
After taking the first gold leafs I became so warm I had to reduce iodine for a while. My hands were BURNING.

The Sulfur supplement; it is to early to say much; I like it to go some months before I conclude, but it seems to have helped a little on the last issues I have; some allergy, in general a sensitivity; digestion, skin. sinuses.
(I havent tolerated a skin cream unless home made; for many years)

Quitting wheat / grains also have made a big positive difference this last year.

Next I want to adress is the recent Thailand trip; it really put a strain on a nordic body; the sun, different flora, different food (real food, really good fresh food!), different hygiene.
This time we were several families gathered; I could see very clearly the difference between the fully iodinated, partly iodinated, and not iodinated. The amount of infections, Antibiotics , sunburns, doctor visits etc.

15 years ago I had a severe sunburn myself, after walking half an hour in the morning sun without sunscreen.
After that I have been very careful when down there, especially the first days.
This time I decided to take a leap of faith in my doings; reproduced the setting; only that this time it was noon when I did the walk. No sunscreen .
I got a great tan that day.

What I noticed down there too, was that most Thai`s have a bottle of povidone or betadine. Why? probably because it is the only thing that work on the tourist`s wounds and skin infections. It is recommended even from the doc`s office.

I got a nasty wound myself this time; on a snorkling trip.
- I hit a steel angle on the boat, it really gashed my foot sole; a deep cut that hardly bled at all. This is the worst kind of wounds as bleeding would cleanse it. On a remote island there was no way to escape the sand, and the litter that would be in it. Got hold of some povidone, but it didnt go deep enough it seemed.
That night the wound started throbbing, pulsating. this is a bad sign.
So, the next day, having access to my medical kit again, I decided to "operate" on my own; opened the wound, cut off som skin; then cleansed it with hypericum tincture before I put some straight Lugols into it. 3 layers of iodine. Painful but effective; Throbbing gone in one hour.
Plasters wouldnt stick onto it anyway, so I dropped it after one day. Let the wound expose to sand, dirt and salt, as shoes were no option except for an occational walk on the streets.
All I did was paint Lugols morning and night. It has healed nicely. No infection at all.

I got only 3 mosqito bites this time. It is definitely a new record :) They a) dont like iodinated people b) didnt like my prophylaxis (vit B and Ledum Palustre, homeopatics) or c) the thai-salve I used as repellent, made of a spicy ginger herb and biwax. Recommended by a local,.
- May be the combination.


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