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Finally removed the stressor, but severely exhausted my body in the process...need advice on hydrocortisone
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Published: 10 years ago

Finally removed the stressor, but severely exhausted my body in the process...need advice on hydrocortisone

To whoever is familiar with my story, I have had severe candida related complex over the last 4 - 5 years.

I did many different protocols and detoxes and finally did a whole year of chelation using IV DMPS, cutler's protocol, chlorella/cilantro, Algin, saunas, coffee enemas.

Then I did a whole year of intense candida detox using antifungals, aloe vera, DGL, glutamine, slippery elm, saunas, coffee carb dieting etc.

During this period, I had no idea that the adrenals were SOOO much involved in such an intense detox. I was a full time college student, having sleepless nights a couople of times a week and virtually no breaks and NO RECOVERY periods for my body to rest after the intense heavy metal and candida detoxes. The weaker I felt, the harder I tried to push through it using different supplements and my willpower. I had no idea that I was using up all of my adrenal's resources and that I will soon crash hard. I didn't know that I had to give my body breaks to replenish the reserve it lost.

Right at the 90 percent removal mark of the candida and parasites I crashed BIG TIME. I wasn't able to go outside and was bed ridden with panic attacks, collagen loss, hair loss, total body aches, absolutely ZERO energy to do anything, even as simple as brush my teeth. This was in May of 2012.

I decided to try Dr. Lam's program and got decently better from it and wanted to use the stimulation that it gave me to get rid of the final 10 percent of the stressor inside my body. Well it a degree. In November 2012 my body started to reject the vitamin c/b5 and collagen supplements that Dr. Lam sells and advises you to take. In fact, the supplements started to make me worse and worse. I went into a severe collagen loss state. My body was essentially burning connective tissue for fuel. And I had about 2 - 5 percent of the candida in me at that point and it was the hardest part to get rid of because it was buried deep in the mucous membranes of my intestines.

For 6 weeks I was going through hell with no adrenal support at all while going through that last bit of candida die off. I was going from doctor to doctor getting different adrenal tests done on me and they refused to do a saliva test or prescribe me hydrocortisone. I knew that at that point I needed the hydrocortisone to get me through that last phase.

Well I was right. I finally found a way to get the hydrocortisone and have been taking it for about a week. My candida is now GONE. I can eat all forms of carbs, and don't get any type of fungal reaction to it at all. But now I am left with an exhausted body.

My stressor has been FULLY removed now. THANK GOODNESS. So now I believe it can recover but I am afraid that I might have done too much damage to it with the intense detoxes and no recovery periods, and also from the Lam's program which I definetely overdid. My body doesn't react well to vitamin c supplements anymore b/c of the program.

My main question is:


I know that many people are against this route b/c they feel that one needs to find the underlying cause of their adrenal fatigue. WELL I HAVE DONE THAT. I removed the heavy metals, I removed the candida FULLY. My body no longer is in fight or flight. I can feel it. I no longer get anxiety. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! TO GET THE BODY OUT OF FIGHT OR FLIGHT. That is the reason your body gets into such an exhausted state.

But now that I got my body out of fight or flight,I still feel that aftereffects really badly. I feel SOO EXHAUSTED AND BROKEN DOWN. My skin, hair, muscles, all very thin and weak.

I feel like I need to supplement it with cortisol so that it can finally rest. I can no longer go through the natural route b/c my body doesn't accept any of Lam's products and I feel extremely TIRED on the nutritional balancing supplements. I take my own minerals, which contain zinc, calcium, magnesium, etc. and although i feel benefit, I don't believe it's enough.

I read from many sources that one needs to take a physiological dose anywhere from 20-40 mg a day of hydrocortisone for months to let the body rest, and then slowly wean off.

I am currently taking 25-30 mg a day in divided doses. I just don't know exactly how this will work, and was wondering if anyone else on this forum has had experience with this. So far I feel it helping.

AGAIN, I HAVE REMOVED THE STRESSOR! I am just now dealing with the after affects, kind of like when someone comes out of a surgery and they need time to recover from it.

I drink bone broth soup every day too along with the minerals.

What should I expect from the hydrocortisone and how should I use it - whoever has had experience with this subject.

- Thanks :)

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