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My Series of Unfortunate Events Morgellons & Exfoliative Chelitis Can't Smile/Laugh :( Trying to Stay Positive But Life Just Seems Cruel Need Some Advice
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Published: 10 years ago

My Series of Unfortunate Events Morgellons & Exfoliative Chelitis Can't Smile/Laugh :( Trying to Stay Positive But Life Just Seems Cruel Need Some Advice

Hello I hope everyone is doing as well as they can. I've been suffering from Morgellons for about 6 months now. My immune system suffered exponentially the past year due to prolonged stress, a predominantly acidic diet, insomnia and finally the straw that broke the camel's back - bed bugs. I also worked in an auto parts factory for a couple of years in the paint room. I'm sure this contributed to my weakened immune system as well due to the toxic chemicals that I used on a daily basis. Additionally I had wisdom teeth surgery in January of 2012.

I have never abused drugs & alcohol, however I did start to use marijuana and drink alcohol more often to cope, which was a terrible thing to do. I snorted a line of cocaine at a party during my downward spiral. I know I should've taken notice of the shitstorm I was creating in my body. Since I have eczema & Psoriasis I have used Hydrocortisone, Zovirax & Fucidin. I was not using any of these medications regularly when all of this happened. I used Zovirax occasionally when I had a cold sore, which was not that often. Every few months.

When things got out of control is when I brought bed bugs home with me to Toronto, Ontario from a trip I took to Philadelphia. Took me 2 months to discover that I had them and another couple of months to fully eradicate them. The havoc the little critters wreaked on my immune system & well being was unbearable. I'll never forget about it. Unfortunately once I got rid of them my immune system was decimated and has never recovered. I have all the symptoms of Morgellons. Excessive hair loss/thinning/coated in biofilm, biting & crawling sensations, lesions on my hands with protruding fibres, black specks/sand when I exfoliate, chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings, emitting static energy especially around cotton/electronics/metal & never-ending mucous/conjestion.

By far the worst symptom I have is my lips are constantly raw/sore/peeling/cracked/swollen, which makes eating/drinking extremely difficult. I believe this is called exfoliative chelitis, however I'm sure there is a connection to Morgellons as other sufferers have commented that it gets into cracks in the lip. Smiling and laughing are pretty well impossible to do without painful consequences. I feel my lips crawling as well. I manage to do okay at college with the use of Vaseline & Desonide 0.05%, but my life is total hell and my friends often wonder why I'm not myself some days. I have suffered from eczema & Psoriasis for my entire life so I'm no stranger to autoimmune diseases I just never thought I'd suffer this much.

I try to stay positive, pray and maintain my faith, however I feel like more of a Frankenscience experiment gone horribly awry than a human being. I'm only 23 and I just wasn't ready for this devastating of a blow. I would never wish this kind of suffering and anguish on anyone. Recently I have been giving 100% trying to beat Morgellons through routine cardiovascular/abdominal exercises, supplments (vitamin C, CoQ10, acidophilus probiotic, omega 3 fish oil, CALM magnesium, vitamin D3) and a healthy/nutritious diet (organic eggs & salmon, leafy green vegetables, limitd fruits (green apples/lemons/limes) to get my body alkaline. I am in the process of seeking out a naturopath and I plan on buying a far infared sauna when I can afford one.

I apologize about the long story. I truly don't mean to sound vain I know very well that there are people on these forums who are going through far worse than I am and my heart just goes out to them. I just want to know if anyone has any suggestions for Morgellons Exfoliative Chelitis conflict. On the Exfoliative Chelitis forum a member suggested using Desonide 0.05% (which my Dermatologist prescribed me) and Vasline over top of it to stop the peeling and give me some relief. If I do this long enough I might even be able to cut down on the chronic inflamaton and smile again.

What worries me is that I have heard that petroleum & steroids can make Morgellons even stronger and suppress the immune system further. Would I still be able to detox/progress/build back up my immune system using this combination. I'm just not sure what to do. Perhaps someone could recommend a good organic moisturizer/lip ointment without petroleum/steroids. I've tried going without it, but being at college its just utterly humiliating and gets me down when I need to stay positive. Thank you for your time.

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