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Re: victimized by psychiatrist
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: victimized by psychiatrist

Hello Nurse #160851,

Of course you're angry.
And yes, you should be angry.

You and I can tell - can't we - that
the system is bad. However, in spite of
many examples of abuses -
the system is unlikely to change for us,
and it is unlikely to change for the better.

One fundamental problem is, there are too many
out there who can call the cops on us. Including
our spouses, employers, neighbors, bankers,
and doctors.

Bankers and doctors are the worst ones
because - almost automatically - we trust
them too much - we tell them too much -
we put too much on the line - when we deal
with them. Partly because they dress well
and act like they deserve our trust. And
oftentimes they don't deserve our trust.

They don't deserve our trust:
a) if they want to make money at our expense, or
b) if they dislike us, or
c) if they suspect we're doing something funny, or
d) if they think we're going to do something funny.

Why? Because if any of these four cases applies,
they can, will, and will likely do bad things
to us.

In your life, dr.F. deserves to be punished/
/prosecuted, but chances are he/she is never
going to be punished/prosecuted.

As a 62 year old retired nurse, you might know a
LOT about about health care procedures and health
conditions, but chances are you know very LITTLE
about this country's legal system.

In my experience, if you want to prosecute a medical
doctor, it is always a long shot where the odds
are against people like you (and me).

In my experience, if you make assertions
or accusations against a medical doctor, what it
boils down to is "his/her word against yours".
And, based on that set up, you (as a patient)

Why? Because that is how the system was designed/
/set up.

Because one of the most important goals of the
system is to shield and protect doctors against
people like you and me. And not the other way

Chances are that you will LOSE automatically,
because his peers - i.e.
the ones who will do the investigation - are going
to be his buddies and/or brothers. And they rarely
ever take any position against a "brother" or "sister".

The only exceptions are RARE situations - where
the patient (i.e. YOU) hire a high-priced
attorney who brings legal action against a doctor
(i.e. dr.F) in a court of law.

This statement assumes your lawyer can find one or
more medical doctors who are willing to testify
against dr.F.

Sorry, Nurse #160851, your Medicare bureaucrats, State Dept for Licensing Health Care Professionals, DHHS, senators, congressmen can and will do LITTLE OR NOTHING for you.

They will go through the motions, make a few inquiries,
in less than five minutes, find dr.F is OK, not a
murderer, not a pedophile, there are no APBs (isn't
wanted by the cops). And then that will be the end
of your case. "Not guilty", "Case dismissed."

Their justification will be: "It was dr.F's word against your word. And, based on that, you (Nurse #123456) lost, because it was your word against the word of dr.F".

Your assumption that dr.F did this "to run up a large insurance bill" may not be the best legal argument.

A) Probably it is incorrect, because it seems that revenge
or doing a personal favor played a bigger role in dr.F's decision.

B) The few hundred dollars dr.F. gained in your case was
probably not large enough to arrest/prosecute dr.F. for fraud.

Therefore, if I was you, I would:

a) Collect 10-15 different kinds of evidence against dr.F.
(and most victims are unwilling or unable to do that).

b) Make thousands(!) of trips to law libraries and look
up case histories of legal cases. See what happened
before in similar cases. Never mind what the law says.
That is secondary. What are far more important are the case histories. I'm assuming that you're free and really retired.

c) Armed with "a" and "b", find then hire one or more high-priced attorneys. Then prepare to sue. Avoid "pro per" setups, because you won't get any respect. Do it either on a pro bono, or retainer, or contingency basis.

Presumably dr.F. has a multi-million dollar malpractice insurance, or alternatively, a deep pocket. And if you play your cards right, you will collect millions.

I REPEAT: Do NOT hand over your case to Medicare
bureaucrats, State Dept for Licensing Health Care
Professionals, Dept of HHS, senators, congressmen.
They will do NIL, zilch, nada, nothing for you!

I'm sure this will help.


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