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Re: Excellent new article from Mercola re: mercury detox
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Excellent new article from Mercola re: mercury detox

Another vote for chelators!

Compared to other people, I was only moderately exposed - 8 A. fillings total, 4 of them for 20+ yrs (removed with full protection), 4 of them for 5-10 yrs (removed without any protection).

When I started (chelation, with a doctor - one that didn't have only $$$ in the eyes, knew what he was doing AND was not fixated on mercury as the source of all my problems) I wasn't convinced that it would help too much. I just didn't know what else to try but knew I had to DO something - waiting was what had got me into trouble, after all. The treatment was accompanied by lots of lab tests to monitor progress - but also to continue looking for other causes (there were none).

Result: After 30+ ampoules of DMPS, and lots of DMSA (some ampoules together with the DMPS, many more capsules), and, later a lot of ALA there could be no doubt:

- The body is NOT able to deal with the amount of mercury that I had in me.

- Mercury was the ONLY problem I had.

- "Unusual" measures that many would warn against proved VERY effective: I got DMPS injected not into but next to the jaw bones, with surprising and GREAT results.

- All problems I ever noticed and ignored as "part of live and getting older" have improved by 90% or disappeared, more than actually caused me to look for a cure in the first place, quite amazing, all of it.

- DMPS is MUCH, MUCH more effective than all the other stuff. Also, if I I got more problems while using DMSA (even though it helped my head and my digestion greatly) I got another DMPS treatment, which seemed to help on a much more basic level. Improvements after even extended use of DMSA are never as long-lasting as after DMPS, but DMPS has more side-effects (DMSA has none, for me, the DMPS ones are attributable to the chelator itself, I do NOT have an allergy against it, but I'm convinced if I used it too often I'd get one at some point; I've no such fear with DMSA).

- My body does indeed do a lot by itself, but all "body actions" only started after various treatments with chelators, reaching new levels with new chelators. For example, ALA started something "in the bones" around my jaw when we finally added it, DMPS near the jaw bones had already started something earlier - chelators next to the body part with the mercury is much more effective than just putting it into the blood blindly, and even earlier, after my 4th DMPS treatment, my body started detoxing on its own at all. So doing nothing and relying on "nature" only is nothing I can recommend after my experiences, actually, I'd recommend MORE than most people do.

I've done it for 2.5 years, but I still take DMSA (capsules) every few weeks in order to help out my head and my digestion, always helps decisively. I'll plan for another round of DMPS maybe in March or April though, seems indicated.

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