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Re: Excellent new article from Mercola re: mercury detox

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sam7777 Views: 4,530
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Excellent new article from Mercola re: mercury detox

My opinion, which I believe at this point critically, cumulatively, is

Cutler is right,
Haley is right,
Shades is right,
Larry Wilson is right,

They are all right.

And Chinese herbs greatly affect this overall process. Shade talks about using herbs to upregulate the enzymes that create glutathione and other anti-oxidant.

You do not hear much about the ayurvedic, West Indian, and Chinese herbs but, about a third to a half of them are ultra potent. If you use them right, they work. And they work against mercury, but not the way chelators do, and not in a safe fashion initially.

After listening to Shades 3 hour lecture, it dawned on me how important everything Cutler and Larry Wilson each talk about is. It is beginning to make more sense what happened in my own personal case.

For about a 5 month period I took close to 200 different powerful herbs, and nutraceuticals including R-lipoate. It was at the end of that 5 month period, that I begin to get severe jaw pain around the rotten tooth ( the one that I did not know had an Amalgam in it). It was around this time that I essentially had chronic fatigue and anterograde amnesia set in. It was a profound, rapid, failure of my health, I went from being like a 6 out of a 10 in terms of overall health, i.e. going to college full time, to just being debilitated.

Now we know in hindsight, that this is what mercury does in and of itself, and we know in hindsight, this is what improper chelation does. Your Kidney/liver/blood/adrenal/immune/nervous system/thyroid have a threshhold, and when you surpass it by chelating too fast or too hard, you will regress to this state that I have.

Those warnings are rampant on all of the online Health Forums , including the chelating forums on yahoo.

So I must agree that chelating with DMPS, ALA, DMSA, and yes even chlorella is essential. But past that point, Larry Wilson's Nutritional Balancing still holds a great deal of sway. Modified fasting still holds a great deal of sway.

Good nutrition and good herbal formulas will only add to the effects of the chelators.

The risk from things aside from chelators lays in those things which will overstimulate and abuse the adrenals.

Unfortunately, I think that rules out what I call "heavy" detoxers and "heavy" adaptogens. Or using them in agressive doses. I can speak personally, this only hurt me worse, these herbs just sling mercury in the body around, while your inflamed colon and wrecked adrenals cannot actually allow you to expel the mobilized mercury. In this regard, it is often the conservatism of Cutler and Larry Wilson that is so painfully true.

I believe once you are sort of "out of the woods" and "out of the grave" you can and should resort to using herbal detox and chelators.

Chris Shades suggested Haritaki, (or you can just take Triphala). This is not going to in my opinion overload the system in a moderate modest dose.

You take schizandra, rhodiola, cordyceps, siberian ginseng, ginseng, reishi, and you will overload the system. You see a Chinese doctor who has you boiling a pot of herbs a day and drinking the tea, from pure Coptis, Buplereum, Prunella, Schizandra, Calamus, Fu Ling, Skull Cap, Burdock, Gentian, and at least some of the more sensitive people will get worse.

It is a marathon, of slow healing, and like the chelators, almost anything capable of mobilizing mercury can and must be taken slowly.

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