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Re: Excellent new article from Mercola re: mercury detox

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Excellent new article from Mercola re: mercury detox

I am about as bad off as I was. Well I am stable, but my mental faculties are pitiful. I have not driven in 8 months because I moved to New York, moved back, and now I am not sure I remember how to drive- especially other vehicles, since mine is broken- that is sorta what I am mentally as of present.

Part of that is poor diet. I have gained weight, and I take it to be both bad and good. I am now better able to tolerate the original amount of poison, but also dealing with the increased risk of weight gain. My hair test shows about 8 mineral deficiency, or borderline. Really stereotypical mercury pattern.

It is those stories about the people who don't seem to improve that bother me and scare me the most, after seeing that they went on another however many months of cutler, and do not get past that point they lost.

This is why I try to at least take into account what Wilson and Shade are saying. There has to be some sort of combination of detoxification mechanisms in the body that go past just what lipoic acid does alone. Shade covers a much broader picture than what cutler does. I think Shade might be a little more qualified in the subject also. He has a better background in biochemistry.

For me I assume that a few things are true that make it too difficult to recuperate using just cutler's method.

1) severe amount redistributed back into the brain, just the sheer body load present in liver and kidney is so high, you can't kick start enough of the different enzyme systems Shade mentions to turn back on the whole system. This is partly methylation block, and parlty other metabolic shutdown.

2) At least half the physical and mental illness is not from mercury itself, but from the deficiences that have resulted. In my self I have 8 mineral deficiences, and am bordering on anemia and need to do Freddd's b12 regime with injectable methylcobalamine.

3)Mineral supplements don't absorb. I am thinking of trying liquid IntraMax off Amazon, some kinda multi-vitamin isotonic supplement.

4) People's varying individual response to liver abnoralities (which wont show up on blood work, and are referred to as congestion in the Chinese TCM view)and their gastritis and leaky gut issues. The inflammation basically wont go away with out something drastic. In my individual case, I feel as though only raw veganism would curb it strongly enough to allow me to fully metabolize supplements AND properly excrete toxins and metals out of the bilary system. But I know that I cannot do full time raw veganism, that sorta diet will destroy someone with a bad set of thyroid/adrenal Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome quickly.

5) The degree of detoxification initially triggered that resulted in the chelation accident, cannot be reachieved. In my case, I do not think it was just ALA, it was the massive amount of herbs COMBINED with the ALA. Like I just said above, the herbs I take now do not metabolize anywhere as well as they did before, because of endocrine suppression, LGS, and CFS.

My case in point, I do not think that cutler's protocol could work and not do more harm, if you were sitting around not taking herbs, not exercising, not sleeping, eating crap, and remaining with exhibited Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome stereotypical patterns of thyroid and adrenal deficiency, methylation block, other blocked enzymes.

Cutler talks about that one subset of people who stay real sick and do really poor, about 4% I think. I am not sure yet whether I am one of them, but no one aside from Shade has outlined WHY they probably do so poorly.


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