Healthcares - A Luxury or Necessity ?

"I think Actually these persons distributed nearly the identical sore know-how as me from such debilitating sickness and for your data, there were numerous of them who were not so well-to-do, and therefore they could not pay for such costly health accounts of glimpsing the health experts or to get Botox injections / surgical remedy to deal with their non-stop eyelid-twitching problems. Therefore, when I suggested such an acupuncture method to them, I did it out of benevolent humanity, understanding and compassion, and express gratitude God that it worked on each and every individual of them."

which are quoted from :

Muscle Spasms Side Effect of Certain Medication : My Personal Experience - Page 2 (Please refer to Post No : 49)

Acclaimed Efficacies of The Suggested Self-administered, Needle-free, Free-of-charge Acupuncture Method and Appealed Humanitarian Causes For The Numerous Poor And Needy Others at Parasites Support Forum (MessageID: 1673772)

Well, on all humanitarian & humanity grounds let's just hope that the underlying life-saving functions of healthcare would not just simply end up as a mere luxury of the affordable ones to the pathetic extent that the indigent, poor and needy ones are simply and totally getting systematically deprived of it due to the very sheer reason of unaffordability.

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