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Re: Dr. Wilson's High Vegetable Diet

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purplepixie Views: 8,258
Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Dr. Wilson's High Vegetable Diet

I haven't done any antibody tests. It's could be enlightening, but i don't know enough about them to comment in depth.

Caffeine is a bugger - the majority of the world is addicted so don't feel guilty :-)
My coffee journey started in the French Alps....having full time access to a restaurant coffee me hooked enough to be drinking it full time ever since for 6 yrs!

I had to stop it - my adrenals were crying out everytime i drank it - severe was incredible.
INitially to curb the habit i drank black tea instead - only 2 cups a day (being British - tea is what coffee is to Americans!) and substituted with didn't take long to do. Green tea has caffeine in so i avoid that.

Your adrenals are being stimulated with caffeine. I am now caffeine-free and don't get the caffeine cravings at all. They went within a week.

For me i was using sugars, caffeine, sometimes alcohol (to relax) aswell as USING stress to keep my adrenals stimulated...some with AF in the initial stages use stressful events in this way and eventually become 'addicted' to stress to function.
When i crashed because my adrenals yelled 'NO MORE' - no amount of stress could help me function. I could barely walk. Stress just had me running to bed with severe shakes, nausea etc.
I had no idea at the time what was going on.

Now i've cut out sugar, caffine and pulled out of my stressful life - it felt like i crashed a second time because i wasn't stimulating my adrenals - their function was so low i got the true measure of their state by cutting out stimulants. Slowly - 12 weeks...of pure rest...and i'm able to think and start to manage some 'day to day' stuff again.

As an example what stress does to the adrenals when they're not functioning well - a policeman knocked at my door today - i had such a surge of stress in that instant i felt like i was going to collapse, i was jittery...couldn't think, profusely sweating...and ended up in bed. Ever-since my adrenals have been aching as if a boxer had punched me in both kidneys.
Luckily my boyfriend dealt with the police, nothing serious lol! (unfortunately adrenals don't seem to discriminate between serious and non-serious stress - stress is stress!)

I ignored (for a good 2 yrs) the tiny voice in my head telling me to give up sugar, caffeine, alcohol - focus more on my health...get things 'straightened out', reduce the crushing constant stress that was in my life for 6 yrs...and i've paid for ignoring my instincts by being completely debilitated.

If i knew then what i know now....hahaaa ;-)

Giving up caffeine now doesn't mean you can never have coffee ever again. Once your adrenals are stronger and well-healed - a cup of coffee...once a week!...won't hurt :-) I'll always be careful about allowing stimulants to become habits for the rest of my life since experiencing AF.


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