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Re: Improving liver clearance

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purplepixie Views: 3,907
Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Improving liver clearance

I too have the same issues Faith.

Recently i read NAC helps the liver - yet to look into it to see why. Coincidentally started taking NAC (N-acetyl-choline) to improve glutathione levels...and have found an improvement in urine colour! (previously urine was clear)

Im also on milk thistle and dandelion.

Other herbs good for the liver:

Balmony - stimulates digestion and bile flow.

Barberry - Encourages bile flow, great for gallstones, inflamed liver.

Black root - for a sluggish liver & severe constipation.

Blue Flag - Prevents constipation/detoxifies. Great for skin probs. associated with a sluggish liver.

Bogbean - Stimulates digestive juices & bile. Good for toxicity associated fatigue. Use a different herb if suffering from diahorrea or colitis.

Chelidonium (Greater Celandine) - Good for inflamed gallbladder or galstones. Works well with dandelion & milk thistle. (possibly toxic to some - more research needed)

Dandelion - Best liver herb. Triggers contraction of gallbladder & bile flow. Reduces gallstones, improves liver congestion/toxicity. Good for kidneys. Reduces high blood pressure. Potassium rich. (Dr Lam says high potassium is common in AF and to avoid potassium rich maybe not going crazy on dandelion with AF is wise - incorporate other herbs)

Fringetree - Great benefit to liver and gallbladder. Relieves constipation.

Fumitory - Remarkable effect on liver and gallbladder. Stimulates bile flow. If excessive it reduces bile flow. Useful if migraines are associated with liver problems or problems with detoxification.

Marshmallow root - Rich in mucilaginous compounds. Helps protects and heal damage to mucous membranes of intestines (candida, leaky gut)

Milk Thistle - Stimulates protein synthesis & reduces fatty degeneration of liver. Protects liver from toxins. Stimulates repair and regeneration. Good for skin problems. stimulates flow of breast milk.

Schizandra - Extremely valuable herb - gives deep boost to immune system, more than echinacea. Protects liver from toxins.

Turmeric - Stimulates gallbladder action & flow of bile. Good for liver disease & may aid flow of stomach acid.
(I often make a squash, ginger (handful!) and turmeric soup every week, very cleansing)

Wahoo - Very important liver herb. Useful for congestive liver. Increasing bile flow. Great for gallbladder problems and gallstones. Stimultes normal liver function. Good for skin problems. (i found this herb hard to source :-( )

Wild Yam - Stimulates gallbladder. Good for colic and diverculitis. Good for period problems and pain in women.

Yellow Dock - Blood cleanser, works on the liver. Prevents constipation, stimulates bile flow. Good for skin problems.

You'll probably find you might already have some of these herbs! Like you, i cannot do a Liver Flush yet. I just *know* i'd suffer! Digestion can be tricky enough and sometimes liver pains...i'd hate to push myself too far at the moment.
Looking forward to trying a flush in the near future.

Interestingly, as far as 'facial analysis' of body imbalances go - the liver 'area' is shown on the forehead, inbetween the eyes. For years i have had 3 deep lines there, assuming i am aging early! - sometimes looking deeper than other times. As i've been improving my liver function with a few herbs, those lines are becoming fainter...with one almost completely gone.

I see some people with 'liver lines' and other without them (my boyfriend for instance - same diet as me - no lines!)

Andreas Moritz i noticed on his youtube vids actually didn't have lines in this area between his eyes/top of his nose - he had an 'inflamed' line, looking almost like an elevated vein. Don't often see that - quite intriguing.

Adrenal 'area' on the face is skin area below the eyes - a darkening appears there - blue/green/brown.

Liver problems, apparently - is associated with anger. I'm rural and have the luxury to go outside and yell! :-) Look at possible 'with-held' anger issues.


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