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Re: Cutaneous Larva Migrans / Hookworm
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Cutaneous Larva Migrans / Hookworm

CrystalJohn I'm sorry that I never got to read your post until now. How is it going?

As far as the larva And fibers coming out of your face I really haven't had that although I do see a lot of strange "matter" and fibers on my carpet etc. Do you have sores? Have you heard of Morgellens? I've considered that I might have that many times but I don't have sores Like pictures I see on the web. I do have a few spots that never went away that is they left a scar. Very small circular with no fibers. They look closed now but scars never go away
Either way it does sound like you may have some kind of internal parasite if you see larva coming out of your skin

If you could capture one of the larva and take a magnified picture of it and put it up here on curezone or compare to other pictures that might help.

I had white fuzzy's all over the place especially sticking to clothes - yet most of them were on my socks - and I do have a little athletes foot. And I'm wondering if from yeast in the dirty socks causes the white fuzzies in the laundry. I'm not sure on this. I have one or two pieces of clothes that I cannot for the life of me get the white fuzzies off of.
Are your white "things" fuzzy or are they more like an egg?

If fuzzy, see if anyone in your household has athletes foot or fungus elsewhere on their body.

If more egg like - maybe check into another parasite called body lice. The body lace lay eggs in your clothes. Regular laundering may not kill the eggs. The eggs hatch next time you wear the same clothes and will feed on you causing intense itching. Look at the seams of clothes where your clothes are close to your skin such as the collar or perhaps armpit. If you see little white eggs in a row in the seams of your clothes - you probably have body lice.

If you have scabies and you tried to treat it -- rashes appear near creases in your arms, your neck, under your chest, behind your knees etc. Otherwise I don't think it would be scabies because those rashes are a huge indicator - my rashes only showed up after I tried treating it. I ended up going the medicine route and ordered ivermectin paste for horses on Amazon. If you Google ivermectin and scabies you'll find that this is one way to treat it but perhaps is a little more toxic than the cream your doctor gave you. However I figured taking a medicine just wants what probably not have any permanent effects. And I've also heard the cream that's prescribed - if used many times can do a number on your skin. This is why your skin might burn.

Ivermectin eliminated my scabies. You just take one dose. However I took two a few days apart and I was also careful to throw clothes towels comforters etc. in the dryer on high for 20 minutes if they couldn't be washed right away. I did so much vacuuming i was exhausted. Also they do say that if you have scabies and you treated it you can itch for up to a month afterward. Which is completely frustrating because I continually thought I was getting it back.

Another possibility that I looked into - I saw that my cats have dandruff and then I it was something called "walking dandruff" which is a mite. It can affect humans but I'm not short as to what extent.

In my own research to find out what caused my intense itching I have found a thread on in the comments section of the first review of a product called Kleen Free There are more than 100 comments and they are not all about the product. Just a bunch of people seeking answers to their own itching problems many of which were related to mites.

Sorry for any typos. And remember the above are just all random thoughts. I'm not a doctor or nurse in any kind of medical field. :)

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