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Re: help! they entered the liver...
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: help! they entered the liver...

I know what that's like Dave to not be able to think... I think it is the fungal and larva and all their waste they leave behind in the body that creates the brainfog.

I know what its like to be weak and tired as well. Too weak to even get up and get some garlic.

Do you have an enema bucket? The most important thing is that you try and stay strong. One of the things that happens when you start killing paras is that they give off alot of amonia and the amonia is toxic. You can also get very constipated. I take Arginine in the morning and it really helps to clear the ammonia - and has made me stronger. Arginine also helps the body build up an immune response. The only issue with Arginine is that it can reactivate the herpes virus. Hopefully you don't have herpes.

The coffee enemas have also given me a great boost, despite the fact that I'm still quite infested. I have never done a garlic enema...I just take it orally but the suggestion was to squeeze the garlic juice into the enema water. You'd need a garlic press for this and your wife might have one. The coffee/garlic enema is a really great idea.

Put 4 tablespoons of organic coffee into a medium size pot of water and boil up and then simmer for 10 mins with the lid on as to not lose too much in steam. Wait till it cools to body temperature. Lay on your left side and take in about 2 cupfuls of coffee liquid with some garlic squeezed into it. Go to bed and lay there on your left side for 20 mins or as long as soon as you get the urge to purge it out. Do not hold it in longer than you feel you can, purging is important. Then repeat with the rest of the mixture straight after. Do it daily.

I have coffee on the boil as we speak. Coffee is toxic to worms as well, they don't like it so it will help your liver purge as well as moving some worms out of your bowel.

Take Vitamin A and Zinc and iodine. Worms inhibit the absorption of these nutrients. Take in additional protein in your diet as this is also a problem for us. Do not have dairy products as they LOVE dairy.

Hit them with all the herbs you have and buy more. Thyme, clove, Olive Leaf Extract, garlic, oil of oregano and the big 3: Black-Walnut hulls, cloves and Wormwood . Do it for at least 30 days as their cycle as at least 30 days. Don't give up Dave.

p.s. I did a very long course of albendazole about 2 years ago and it really helped reduce my worm load but I became reinfected with Ascaris and it doesn't kill tape worm. It all depends on what type of worm you are dealing with and where they are in your body. Single dosages don't work because of the cycling nature of these parasites where they have moved outside of the intestines. I hope you are not in pain and the thing has moved away from your liver? If you have a larval issue eating away at your liver as I did... it took a few doses of Albenda and I also used a couple of doses of Ivermectim. Its really hard to know what you are dealing with and ofcouse doctors have been no help to me at at all.

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