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Re: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

"Now I'm wondering is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I've read different reports and detox can take a while, but how long? Are there people who did detox for months and never got rid of it? How long has the longest detox with severe side effects last (i'm unable to work and socialize while doing this).
I have a gut feeling that Iodine is truly remarkable element for human health, I'm just not sure if i'm using it in right way.
Could the real solution be in lowering my Iodine dose permanently? My asumption is, if Iodine is detoxing me then I should push through until I'm done. But I'm starting to question this..."

I understand where you are coming from, detox is really tough. Like you, I am basically self-employed which allows me a lot of flexibility in scheduling and freedom in general. The past year I've been so low energy, lethargic and with brain fog that leaves me feeling useless (which is very hard to tolerate, I have 8 years of higher education and a doctorate I feel is going to waste due to my low-functioning). It has definitely effected my work, not to mention overall quality of life.

Here is my thought process and strategies for dealing with the detox... I have faith that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and some days I get flashes of that light, feeling great and better than I have in 15 years. I accepted that the detox may last for months, so to help track my progress I am taking data (some of this I was taking before supplementing iodine). Some things I take data on are: body temp, amount of sleep needed, mg of iodine taken that day, any 'cold or flu' symptoms, sinus symptoms, etc. In the process of healing, so much is going on that I felt better able to objectively interpret my "healing" with data (but I am also a researcher by training so this is how I handle any problem I am seeking to solve).

I will say that the detox didn't really start until I hit the 75-100mg levels in December. I can see this in my data. For me, it starts with heinous sinusitis/cold symptoms, followed by aches and general lethargy that can last a week or two. and then there is that awful bromide stench, which I've had constantly since December... I use Celtic Sea Salt to salt load when the sinus stuff happens, and when the bromide stench is unbearable. I usually "load" 1 - 2 times weekly, just depends (this is on top of about 1-2 tsp daily). I also upped the Vit C which I see you have covered :)

I am just now coming off my second sinus/head cold/achy spell since december. This started on the heels of upping my dose, more than tripling what I was taking. This time, I braced myself because I knew it was coming. I did pulse dose (two days off iodine) after two days of 1g SSKI (yep, that is 1000mg iodine). That level really knocked soooo much mucus out of me, it was unreal. I am now back to 600mg a day. My plan is to keep the higher, therapeutic doses until the detox passes. I will pulse dose if it gets too bad. Then I will probably go back down closer to 200-300 for my maintenance dose.

By no means am I suggesting that my plan of attack (dosage, progress monitoring, etc) is how you should handle your situation. Rather I wanted to share with you how I am managing my health and the investment I am making in my future; and to express that I understand much of where you are coming from, especially with feeling that question in the back of your mind "will this ever end?". It will. I wish someone could tell me objectively "yes, it will last X days/months" but I realize that each case is so unique, in terms of what toxins are present in us, and at what levels, and our bodies have varying levels of iodine saturation and other health conditions going into this (me, hypo T, hormone imbalance, AF) so no two cases will be the same.

I will be looking forward to updates from you, hopefully we can share some victory stories in a few months :)

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