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Success: How I healed / cured myself

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Published: 9 years ago

Success: How I healed / cured myself

I am going to make this quick. But feel free to contact me with further questions.

I experimented with different diets for several years which i credit with the primary cause of my liver and digestion issues. Also emotional / boredom issues which led to a slight overeating disorder.

I tried Liver Flushes and different dietary supplements such as oxy, etc.. I even did an anti candida program with expensive supplements by order of a naturopath.

I made slight progress but overall did not see much improvement.

I remember being at my wit's end one day and thinking "there has GOT to be a simple way through this". And the little voice in my head said of course there is.

Two things helped me:
1. Making sure I was not bored/emotionally depressed. When I thought of eating something I knew I didn't need, I had a rule that I would instead look for something fun/social to do. I also had to admit to myself the things I was sad/angry about and try to improve those things or at least accept them for what they are and not cover them up. In other words, accepting the pain for what it is rather than hiding it with food.

2. No grain/seed/nut diet. But it only worked along with number 1. Because I had tried it before and it didn't work with overeating. But when I kept it reasonable my body was able to process the meat. Very quickly I went from having trouble with beef, eggs, dairy to being able to digest them pretty easily. Now only eggs gives me trouble if I eat a meal of it. But I can digest beed and dairy with no problems. I remember thinking "ice cream instead of bread? I can do this". Now I am reducing dairy but it helped in the transition. I eat as much if not more veggies than meat. Let me say that for several years I ate whole grain bread and cooked amaranth with some of my meals. I thought this was critical for fiber, etc. But I had to drop it to completely heal my digestion. Now I can eat grains no problem but I try to keep it to a minimum because its obvious to me that veggies are a better source of carbs and healthier.

3. Eat plenty of protein (meat) by or at lunchtime. I was eating lite early in the day thinking that skipping meals would make less work for my body. But I finally realized that I was eating way too much for dinner and later into the night. Lunch should be like dinner. But protein is critical because if I don't get enough then I will be craving food at night. Try it and you should notice a difference. IT also helps to get up early in the morning, before 930 if possible. It makes a big difference with digestion. My digestion is much better when I get up early in the morning. And of course helps to get to bed early if possible. But I usually stay up late and sleep late so its not critical. I think the no grain diet is more helpful.

Seeds have many chemicals in them that poison or otherwise inhibit life, especially mixed with other things. Its part of their survival mechanism. Since they can't run away from you the way animals can. If you eat lettuce it doesn't kill the offspring of the plant because its the leaf. Yes humans and animals have some ability to digest them but that doesn't mean that its the best food for those with damaged digestion. Actually, I have no problem digesting wheat and many grains, but I never felt like I was able to utilize the protein well. And for a more complete protein you need beans, which I STILL do not digest well. Meat is very easy to digest once you slowly bring it back into your diet.

4. Minimize fat. Seriously. I was eating the low fat/sugar free ice cream. Yeah its crap but it was easier on my liver than real ice cream. Or tahini. Or earth balance. Only when I chose lean meats and really stuck to a low fat diet for a few weeks (coupled with the grain free) did I notice healing. Fats are just too hard on a damaged liver, even if they contain tons of nutrients.

5. I was on many supplements at different points. But here is all i have been taking during and since my healing:

A.Garden of Life multivitamin
B.mezotrace multimineral
C.iodine (pure, but I bite off only a little piece of each tablet a day, I'm on the fence about large amounts of iodine)
D. Charcoal for when I feel cleansing reaction
E. Stevia is fun sometimes but don't overdo

Lastly let me say that there was a point which I felt a slight improvement from the liver flushes. I only did maybe 5 or 6 in my life. It may have been a significant step in my healing, but I'm not sure. I definitely notice my Liver Cleansing regularly on its own when I eat my very simple meals, go to bed early, and wake up early. I would recommend doing all the things I mention for a few weeks before doing a lot of liver flushes. But the point when I stuck to a no seed diet is the only point where I really noticed a drastic change and felt cured.

anyhow, write to me with questions!

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