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Re: Orange Peels, Detox Drink Killed my worms.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Orange Peels, Detox Drink Killed my worms.

I have read a good many forums, I have never had anything to really post. But I wanted to share with u what I call my mirical mixture. It started out as ground orange peels only (for a natural dandruff scalp medication) and since then the orange peel mixture has had many more ingredients added...It grew.
Ok, here's how I came up with my orange/lemon plus other veggie and fruits mixture. No. I did not start taking this for the purpose of killing parasites, i thought they were gone. But anyway, I do a lot of canning n the summer and for Years I have HATED to throw away peelings (the best part of our fruits and veggies). So, I started dehydrating and drying them. I also started doing the same thing (slicing the whole fruit/veggie into thin slices and dehydrating them) the whole fruits (removing bad spots) and veggies that where getting spots, you know, the ones no one wants to eat bc they don't look as good as they did when you bought them. I began to put them in glass jars because they added a decorative accent to my kitchen. Then, i decided I would start to grind them, add them to another empty jar... Shake up to mix; I would then add them to egg whites and put them on my face as a mask. My face cleared up, no more acme. My daughter had an itchy scalp, I added it to baby shampoo, it cleared up her head. Then, one step farther I started researching ingesting those peelings... For the victims. (at the time i started taking the peelings with DE. I had been taking DE for 3 months, now with peelings another 3 for 6 total) I have been taking food grade Diatomaceous earth for 6 months. 1-2 heaping tablespoons n juice, water or ensure. At first I noticed parasites n my stool, after 2 months I still noticed a few, but I thought that was just the new ones that were hatching out. (DE also has A LOT of health benefits, it lowered my BP from 136/76 to 112/63 consistanly. i take it for healthy cells and because it works.) Then, after i took the first heaping teaspoon of my orange (mirical) mixture(listed at the bottom) I noticed a TON of pinworms, tapeworms, flukes and God only knows what else that I can't see or identify. My stool apeared fiberous with worms. B4 i took the orange mixture, the DE i thought had killed most of my parasites. b4 i started taking DE, i started taking it for other reasons lowering my BP. I thought I was somehow in the 15-5 % of people n the world that didbt have parasites. Wow' was I wrong!
Anyway, here's the list. The amounts r at the bottom.

Whole dried with seeds and peels
Sweet whole chili pepper
Mixed hot peppers
Sweet potato
Potato reg. cooking

Peelings only because I didn't think the dried fruit and veggies would grind well

Banana peel

Spices so far, soon to add many more including dried garlic

Turmeric root ground u can buy it at health food place in a 1-5lbs bag.

As a base for mixture to take out
Bitter taste I added coconut and oatmeal (just from the store, nothing special) I use 1 cup of coconut, oatmeal, orange and lemon. Everything else contains 1/2 cup; except for turmeric and cinnamon (4 tablespoons) 1/4 cup hot peppers I added turmeric(for inflammation, (I have severe arthritis) and 4 whole sweet chilies (large, 2-3 inches long) . After u have the mixture ground and mixed. It should taste quite nice. If not add more ground coconut and oatmeal. All ingredience r ground into a fine powder.
If u look up each of these ingredients, they all have great source of vitamins and antioxidants... And apparently parasites can't live with the acidic properties. To create good bacteria I also take a probiotic and drink plenty of water throughout the day. All of these peelings, whole fruits and veggies r safe to consume. I have researched everything extensively. I feel ssssooooo much better. I have an extreme amount of energy, and I feel so much more alive. With the flu season this winter I have not gotten sick at all (everyone I know has) since I have started taking this mixture along with the DE. I have taken this mixture for 3 months. (I started the DE only 6 months ago) The bags r gone from under my eyes, i feel healthier, I sleep through the night, my chronic (this may b TMI, My vaginal infections r GONE, no more constipation) and i have lost 10 lbs. i do not eat as much per meal. I believe that is due to the fact the parasites no longer Leave me their leftovers and i am getting the nutrients i am ingesting. I do take a one a day vit. Every other day to get the few things I am not a from the natural peelings. I use one healing tablespoon of this mixture in 4 oz of water or juice or ensure. It's actually kinda tasty. I put it in a pint jar with lid on and shake. It mixes pretty good. I put in my 1-2 tbls of DE as well. I hope this helps someone else out there. Good luck. :~)

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