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Interesting article on the Eastern (?) treatment of Exfoliative Cheilitis.... helpful diet, treatment, ect.
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Published: 8 years ago

Interesting article on the Eastern (?) treatment of Exfoliative Cheilitis.... helpful diet, treatment, ect.

Okay I stumbled on this somehow,

It seems like a really poorly translated eastern method on how they treat this condition. I'm not sure. It's a bit confusing.

Some of the dietary stuff and what not may be helpful to people who feel they got this from digestive conditions.

A part of it seems to describe the leave it dry method which I disagree with, but it's interesting nonetheless.


Overview: exfoliative cheilitis (cheilitis exfoliativa) is a chemical , daylight or unknown causes chronic inflammation of the lips. Mainly as redness, oozing, crusting and scaling, more common in the lower lip.


exfoliative cheilitis is caused by what the?

(a) causes

sunlight, local factors such as physical and chemical stimuli, such as: lipstick, toothpaste, perfume , alcohol, spicy foods, sunlight, drying, and repeated licking lips.

(B) the pathogenesis

local lesions or systemic disease, local performance: alveolar pyorrhea, Seborrheic Dermatitis , sebaceous glands endometriosis, atopic dermatitis, prurigo and other children. Emotional factors: the spirit of the fluctuations after the onset or worse. Nutrients, such as: lack of vitamin B, especially riboflavin, niacin deficiency, or due to gastrointestinal dysfunction.


exfoliative cheilitis early symptoms?

damage occurs only in the vermilion border, especially in the lower lip more common. More common in young women. Rash often begins with the central lower lip, and gradually extended to the entire lower lip and upper lip. Expressed as dry lips swelling, erosion, oozing, crusted and scaly surface may have, after the scab falls off revealing red scales smooth surface, cracks occur over and over again, long-term refractory, sustainable months to several years. Consciously burning pain or tenderness.

vermilion border, especially the lower edge of the lip occurs repeatedly scaly, scab damage diagnosis.

Chinese medicine that "the spleen opens into the mouth, the Chinese in the lips," "spleen and stomach relative to table", so the lip is closely related to disease and the spleen and stomach, that "there stomach heat and gas occur in the lip, the lip. " Fumigation may cause spleen swelling, erosion, oozing, and falling blood deficiency, yin deficiency caused the dander repeated stripping.


exfoliative cheilitis ate?

chronic cheilitis occurred at the lip of chronic non-specific inflammation. Including erosive cheilitis and exfoliative cheilitis.

therapeutic side:

1. Hot little mouth wash raw food Jin Sang Shenzi cleft lip, 15 grams per day The hot side has a quiet heart, raw body fluid effect.

2. lips more dry scaly, scab-free fruit five erosion, wash, mash the pulp with boiling water, add a small amount of sugar, drink fruit juice. Then the stone discharge, bad research, add sesame oil to a paste, coated on the vermilion border. The side with the heat and moistening effect.

3. lower lip swelling and itching skin by mulberry juice, drops in the affected area. 3-4 times a day. The swelling and itching, has the effect.

4. hyperemia white lotus flower dry lips do one, cold water wash and paste on the affected area. 3-4 times a day, every l Zhang, to be dumped to dry paste. The side with cooling and moistening effect.

5. ulcerated lower lip vermilion scab were fresh gourd 2, peeled, to the flesh, chopped filling, make eating buns! the side with the heat of effect.

6. chronic cheilitis pain and swelling of fresh Folium 30 grams, cleaned, smashed juice, treated in the vermilion border, 2-3 times daily. The side with detoxification effect.

7. splenic Heat dry, dry lips are a bowl of milk, heated, add 15 grams of honey, while hot and take. This side has the effect of dry spleen.

8. cheilitis, body weight, loose stools with those of flour, 250 grams, plus Poria powder 30 grams of yam powder 30 g, and into the amount of honey, with the pound and for steamed pudding daily food 2-3 blocks. This side effect with spleen dampness.

diet Taboo

1. porphyrin-rich foods can enhance sensitivity to light vermilion, which increase cheilitis. So to eat rape, spinach, amaranth, carrots, figs, orange and other foods containing porphyrin.

2. vermilion border crusted erosion, if not clear, easy to increase the secondary infection. So often with anti-inflammatory agents or gargle with short salt-wet, remove the crusts, erosion surface cleaning, keep the wound dry, conducive to wound healing.

3. can not be more jealous, pepper, ginger, garlic and other spicy food.

4. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. Especially not with the lips Diao cigarettes.


exfoliative cheilitis should be how to prevent?

stripping off cheilitis, also known as chronic cheilitis, chronic actinic cheilitis. Chinese medicine called "lip wind" that the disease or stroke due to wind, fire toxin knot on lips; or because of too spicy Atsumi, spleen, fumigation of the lip; or because of the skin caused by dryness wind.

the disease more common in people aged 20 to 40, more common than lip, lip diffuse swelling, color, normal, palpable soft. disease is easy to repeated attacks, but recurrence of swelling compared with the previous increase, so to become persistent swelling.


exfoliative cheilitis treatment of Attention?

Prevention: Avoid risk factors mentioned in the cause, correct bad habits.

exfoliative cheilitis medicine treatment

medicine therapy: since the beginning of the swelling , erosion, oozing, most are "rheumatic fever certificate" in order to use "anti-Jing heat soup." To repeated desquamation, dry-based, could "clearing away heat or nourishing and moistening," available "clearing away heat and detoxifying Decoction", "rule wart soup," "LDB" or "Angelica pill" and so on.

Western exfoliative cheilitis treatment

drug therapy:

(1) sensitive to the sun can give chloroquine 0.25mg / d, 1 ~ 2 times / d, or nicotinic acid 150mg / d, 3 times / d.

(2) may be appropriate, given B vitamins, Antibiotics and anti-histamine medication.

(3) mild anti-inflammatory topical ointment or oil, such as: corticosteroid ointment, loose handle Iodine liniment, ointment, or cool honeysuckle solution with 10% wet. There were also coated with 2% chapped silver nitrate solution, scales for a long time external yolk oil, licorice oil.

(4) chronic intractable long treatment to try the X-ray or laser irradiation.

prognosis: crack occurs over and over again, long-term refractory, for several months to several years.


exfoliative cheilitis should be how?

currently no related content description.


exfoliative cheilitis diseases easily confused?

need with the following diseases.

1. contact cheilitis have a clear history of exposure, the severity of symptoms and exposure to opportunities. Patch test is generally positive.

2. glandular cheilitis lips Department has a number of summary and mucus glands open holes, hard squeeze lips may have mucus secretion, sometimes palpable cyst formation nodule. Incidence of the disease have a family tendency.

3. actinic cheilitis with the sun on the following main lip, summer outdoor workers more common.

4. granulomatous cheilitis have unknown side of the swollen lips, hypertrophy. Histopathology shows dermal granulomatous changes.

5. discoid lupus erythematosus and multiple invasion of the lower lip, skin lesions and border clearance, red purple film, may have atrophic changes and telangiectasia.

6. lichen planus more invasion and lower lip, pale stain for the infiltrative plaques or tablets, the water can be sore, there is little chapped, bleeding and other symptoms , in the buccal mucosa, gums, palate, and other mucosal lesions can be the same. There are characteristic pathological changes.


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