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Re: My messed up body
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: My messed up body

Before you start adressing the candida issue, you need to make sure your elimination organs are opened and working, otherwise you will only make things worse. Ladywear is right, pale stools is the sign of lack of bile. You cannot expect to get well with a lack of bile flow (as it is the carrier for the toxins the liver removes), and with constipation. Don't be affraid to rely on enemas, unlike what most people say they don't induce dependancy IF DONE CORRECTLY AND AS PART OF A FULL PROGRAM. I was going once a week and was terribly sick, so I did many per day (up to 4 high enemas) for monthes (among many other things) and had to stop suddenly, and the next day I was going twice a day on a low fiber diet. Why? Because my body was much healthier, gut flora rebuilt and bile flow restored.

There is two reasons for the lack of bile flow: stones and/or parasites. Like most sick people, you likely have both. Liver Flushes will be necessary at some point, but you could start less intense procedures: milk thistle, dandelion, turmeric, artichoke, black radish are all good for bile flow, but nothing does the job as well as a glass of beet juice. Try it. Start slow, as the detox symptoms can be severe. Consider coffee enemas, very beneficial to the liver.

Beet juice should get your bowels moving a bit more. Did you try prunes on empty stomach also?
You need to restore the gut flora and get rid of the pathogens in order to get well and heal.
You should start drinking homemade milk kefir, preferably goat milk kefir. It will fight the pathogens and will help repopulate your gut with healthy bacterias.

When it comes to the colon, it is difficult to get rid of pathogens there because most herbs when they reach this part of the intestines are in very low concentration. What I've found the most successful as restoring a healthy colon is this:
First, take several high water enemas (from 2 to 4 quarts) to clear the colon. After this, do a kefir retention enema. 1 cup kefir, I add 1 Tbsp of chlorella for extra benefits. Make sure it makes its way to the upper colon. Switch positions and massage your abdomen. Retain for how long as you can. Ideally do this in this evening and keep it in for the whole night.
The next morning, you might not feel too well. This is likely due to pathogens being killed by the kefir. If this occurs, take several 1 quart water enema (not more, to make sure you don't wash away the bacterias introduced by the kefir enema) to wash the lower colon.
Results can be pretty dramatic in my experience.

As far as diet goes, I have to say there's no miracle one for everybody. Of course, vegetables and fruits are the healthiest foods no doubt, full of vitamins and enzymes and easy to digest, but in my experience high Sugar intake, even from fruits, will make the candida grow out of control, even with very little fat in the diet. Anyway, a sure thing to do is to eat plenty of raw vegetables, and fruits in moderate amounts. You better limit your animal protein intake at first, as it easy very hard to digest for a sick body. You can get all the proteins you need from goat milk kefir and even a whey protein powder. Unlike what many think, a good whey is proven effective at raising glutathione and fighting candida with components like lactoferrin. Include goot fats like olive, coconut and pumpkin seed oils and avocados. But if you want to speed up the healing process, go on a liquid diet or even better a vegetable juice fast. Don't think it is calorie restrictive, I didn't lose weight on a several monthes long juice fast.

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