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a few hidden tips
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Published: 8 years ago

a few hidden tips

Hi guys,

Candida sufferer here. It sucks. A few words of encouragement to keep fighting. Take a look at this photo:
. This is what is inside of you. If you have temptation to skip your diet, just look at that picture. Also remember, if your body has let something like that grow, there is most likely many things that need to be healed and diet is super important for healing!

first, i want to let everyone know their posts are appreciated and they have helped with my struggles. I'm repeating some things I found on this forum below that aren't commonly discussed but have been helpful: Immune System, Digestion, Pushing out Candida, and Diet.

What bothered me at first was why I had candida. Was it just Antibiotics ? To put it simply, I now can see candida is made possible by a weakened immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is a likely first culprit but beyond that there may be something more insidious keeping your immune system chronically overloaded. most common causes include: fungal spores, allergens (i lived with a cat that i was allergic to), chronic food intolerances (nightshade vegetables, nuts, milk, etc) or, metal toxicity .. Thus, drinking good water and staying away things you are allergic two are musts before starting any treatments.

After poor immune system, digestion is another big issue closely associated with candida. Candida BREAKS your digestion so it can feed itself easier. Three things I found that helps digestion A LOT if you have issues:
1) Don't drink 30 minutes before a meal and 1 hour after meal. Water dilutes the little stomach acid you have. Note, this advice doesn't really apply if you have good digestion. In that case, some water is good.
2) Chew it up, and eat it slowly. You should be the last one finished your meal!
3) L-glutamine (cabbage juice is high in l-glutamine) -- good to heal your gut (colostrom) and eventually recover some digestion. Candida uses up all your L-glutamine (nom nom nom) so it's important to take more.

Pushing out the candida:
A other few things that I have found SUPER helpful is to focus on pushing out candida instead of killing it (which is very very slow and very stressful to your body).
1) Enemas*: ACV with the mother (TBSP in 2 quarts of distilled water) followed by probiotics (a few pills), yes they are bit of work and you have to be careful but they have helped more than anything else. If you are super scared of enemas, just put some ACV on a paper towel and apply that to your taint. It will encourage a bowel movement! Candida hates ACV more than we do (i gag still when i smell it, YUCK!)
2) P&B Shakes*: drink a lot of water with the shakes and 20 minutes after to pass them easily
*Note these are trying to push the candida out your butt. Candida is tough to kill so pushing it out should be a main component in your strategy!

Last and most important is diet:
Strict diet is super f'ing hard so I invert it and try to restrict the worst foods. My view is pretty much EVERYTHING that feeds you is going to feed candida (yeast will eat anything as long as there is moisture, it lives on walls and rocks.. even foods that are anti-fungals can have yeast growing on the -- oregano, garlic, pomelos). But if we eat some of the WORST foods, candida grow like weeds overnight (check this video:,
stuff grows fast). The worst foods in descending severity I've found are listed below. if you want to break diet, try to eat ones lower in the list:
-vinegar things like pickles, olives, heart of palm, soy sauce, etc. (rocket fuel!)
-potatoes and really starchy veggies (evil)
-pasta (evil)
-mirco brewed beer (active yeast in beer feeds candida and it grows FAST)
-brand name beer (less yeast, more water)
-liquor (weaken immune system)
-pistachios, peanuts, almonds (almonds have tons of yeast on them, i don't know why people recommend them)
-beans -- any type, they are all too starchy
-tomatoes and sweet veggies
-cheese (swiss cheese is particularly good to boost Bifidobacteria BB)
-egg whites
-white rice
-corn, beets, carrots
-processed foods
-good foods (you know these -- maybe I'll make a post on this later)

I was really strict at first (until my symptoms died down) but now I eat cheese and tomatoes and sometimes green apples.

There are also some great anti-fungal foods that you should include in your diet: rutabaga (die off); liquidized pomelo, white, or pink grape fruit (cut in half and liquidize the half in a blender - seeds, skin and all - and drink it down); purple cabbage; and of course coconut oil!

Bonus tip:
Be wary of any advise that seems to simplistic. the body is very complex and needs to be balanced. For example, your gut needs to be acidic but your blood needs to be slightly alkaline. doctors will help if you can find one that has treated leaky gut before (it's tough because candida is usually associated with people with major risk factors:
The good thing is that things are changing now. I see more and more doctors promoting probiotics so things are going in a good direction in terms of helping healing all our problems :).

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