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Going Sane: Reversing Adrenal Collapse
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Published: 18 years ago

Going Sane: Reversing Adrenal Collapse

Adrenal Collapse may be induced by physical and chemical stressors. This includes loud noises (even though there is no emotional content) with a stressful childhood adding to the potential; sugar; cortico-steroid exposure, as from anesthesia; and the use of stimulants, like nicotine, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol.

The little buggers just give out. This can be one element of a mental instability syndrome, and co-factors like Candidiasis, or "yeast" infestation, need to be treated as well. It's a good idea to treat for Adrenal Collapse first. This is most efficaciously done with diet and DHEA, an over-the-counter adrenal hormone. Results should be felt within twenty minutes if Adrenal Collapse is the culprit.

Natural Progest Cream can also feed the Adrenals, and is most useful for women on Estrogen therapy as it balances out Estrogen. P.S. Men can have high levels of Estrogen if suffering from intestinal Candidiasis, a given after Antibiotic use, as Candida, "yeast," produces its own Estrogen!

The best, though most expensive, form of DHEA is KETO-7, which doesn't morph into other hormones. DHEA therapy is generally advised only for those over forty who are already on the downside of DHEA production so it doesn't inhibit the body's making of natural DHEA. Women need less DHEA/KETO-7 than men, so shoot for the lowest or lower dosages. DHEA can lower a woman's voice if taken in too high a dosage. DHEA/KETO-7 should only be taken as needed to encourage the natural production of these hormones.

The symptoms of Adrenal Collapse can include: anxiety; a tightness of the chest; shallow breathing; emotional lability; inability to cope; Sugar sensitivity; and just plain feeling blue.

"SALT AND FAT ARE GOOD!" Well, mineral salts and Essential Fatty Acids are...Nutritional support for the Adrenals means eating lots of mineral salts, not only table salt which can be freely used. This is best achieved by incorporating sea vegetables like Kelp into the diet, or Celery for organic sodium. And fats and oils need to be taken, and of a high quality, like a good, rare ribeye steak once a week, and Essential Fatty Acids/EFA's, like raw Olive-Oil taken internally, or applied topically at minimum.

Flax Seed Oil will inhibit Iodine uptake for the Thyroid, so consider this negative possibility. And lay off the sugar! When Sugar was first introducted into their homeland by the Dutch, the Yiddish word "meshuginah" came into being--"sugar nuts." Adrenal Collapse may cause one to crave sweets, even sweet fruits, and veggies like corn, so beware! Stay on a high-protein, low-carb diet. Taking DHEA/KETO-7 at the first signs of anxiety should produce results within twenty minutes, and simply feeling better is the best way to diagnose Adrenal Collapse. PEACE!


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