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Re: A great article about being a former vegan and making changes
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: A great article about being a former vegan and making changes

Hi Faith,

This is really cool that your ancestors come from Native American Tribes! Genetically speaking, you definitely inherited certain traits that would give you the ability to thrive with the diet that the Blackfoot people once lived on and would possibly make you intolerant of the foods that are too different from those.

There is also a belief in some cultures that if you are born within a particular kin, or ethnicity, by being genetically related to a certain ethnic group, you automatically inherit their spiritual knowledge, their mental abilities, habits and beliefs. So, according to this logic, you should be able to have all the spiritual wisdom of the Blackfoot tribe (and other ethnicity in your genes) inherently within you. So, letís say, if somebody who is not genetically related to the Native Americans tried to study and understand the their culture, they would have to use just logic; you on the other hand, would simply intuitively feel all this like you already know it and probably even be able to use this wisdom in your life, like in decision-making and other mental tasks. Modern culture doesnít encourage our connection with our roots and that affects our spiritual health. In order to be mentally and spiritually healthy we need to know where we come from, be proud of our ancestors, and feel connected with them and be able to reach their support.

By the way, Ego is not entirely a bad thing. Interestingly, Ayurveda views Ego as a necessary instrument of evolution, pretty much like a physical body. Itís not good or bad, itís just a phase of development. Even our Universe has EgoÖ Ego serves as a soulís stimulus to grow and learn. Without Ego we wouldnít be able to live this material life. I think in modern world there are problems of too much ego (aggression, greed, etc ) as well as too little ego, like in low self-confidence and self-destruction. Ego shouldn't be eradicated, it just has to let be there and be healthy, just like our physical body. Just like with the physical body, we have to take care of our Ego in the right way, so that it can take of us. And just like with the physical body, too much freedom and too much discipline can both be unbalancing.

I agree with what you mentioned about the GAPSĒ allowed foodĒ list. I was surprised to see nightshades, alliums, alcohol and citric acid there among other things. I guess, nothing is perfect. It also maybe the fact that Dr. Campbell is a very ďNordicĒ person, she lived in St. Petersburg, Ru, and now in UK. So, whatever she ďpreachesĒ would probably work better in cold climates. Whereas Jordan Rubenís approach, for example, is about Mediterranean, or warm climate perspective. I see cultural tendencies to eat more clean foods in warm climates, like Jews and Muslims prohibiting pork, hard liquor and shellfish, but I never come across any reference about these foods being banned in cold weather climates. Eskimos eat air-dried raw fish, which would be a total disaster in tropical climates. Bacterial infections and food contamination in warm weather is probably another important factor to consider. Living in Kapha and Pitta climates (like Florida, or Louisiana where I live) is more likely to result in infections without proper preventive measures. In colder climates people are less prone to infections, but suffer from cold and dry conditions. So, growing coconut trees in your backyard is as you mentioned, a great way to prevent any bacterial, fungal and viral infections due to monolaurin in coconuts. And it is just great to have coconut trees growing in the backyard! I love everything coconut as well, coconut oil is my favorite moisturizer, hair treatment and cooking oil in summer heat. Coconuts have amazing healing and nutritive properties. And I love the aroma of coconut! We use coconut oil for half a year for cooking and then, in winter it gets cool here and we switch to butter and ghee. Coconuts have very cooling effect and can only work in tropical climate or summer time, or for over-heated Pitta-types in other climates.

Do you grow any other plants? We are starting growing some herbs and veggies on the balcony this year. Letís see how it goes. I surely do need to develop my green thumb as somehow here in Louisiana organic supply of veggies is pretty limited now, I surely hope this will change.

I saw a lot of completely contradicting info about oysters. They are considered to be unclean by some groups and praised for nutritive and healing properties in others. TCM considers them as a potent treatment for exhausted adrenals, impotence and infertility. I used to think of them as very ugly looking weird food before, then to my own surprise, just 1 cup of oysters stopped severe case of sciatica when I was not able to walk and was very scared. Weirdly, I strongly craved oysters that day, then decided to eat them and got up pain-free 20 minutes later and the pain has not returned. Since then, I don't know what to think really. Mushrooms are considered bad and unclean by Ayurvedic practitioners, and they are a big tabu on anti-candida diet in the West, but they really helped me cleanse intestinal candida. The more I learn, the more confusing it gets :) I really hope I never have to crave pork :)

I am glad you found the right diet for you. I think it can be quite a challenge nowadays as there is too much confusing info and everybody is advocating different approaches. It took me some time and experimenting also to figure the right diet, which is now a combination of GAPS, with the use of spices and herbs and I use the schedule of Warrior Diet (by Ori Hofmekler), or nocturnal eating. I skip both breakfast and lunch and I eat a protein snack after around 4 p.m. and then full diner after 6. Eating lunch gives me severe fatigue and brain fog, and I don't get hungry until around 4 or so. I think that's because I have a lot of Kapha characteristics, and need longer breaks between meals. I Interestingly, at night I can eat grains and dairy and do not have fatigue, brain fog or indigestion. When I first started Warrior diet schedule, I had to sip broth with butter at lunch as my blood Sugar wasn't so stable. After a while on GAPS foods, it became very stable and allows for longer stretches between meals.

I also ferment grains mainly for my family, mostly white rice and millet. I am not a big fan of grains either, I occasionally eat about half a cup of rice with dinner, but my husband is a grains fan (Pitta type).

I noticed that Pitta, or Pitta-Vata types (with still a lot of Pitta characteristics) are the ones who absolutely cannot live without grains and dairy. These types ďburnĒ their food too quickly and need some heavy Kapha-type meals, like full-fat dairy, meat and grains. Vata types or Vata-Pittas, or Vata-Kaphas may have intolerances to grains and dairy and do better with high-protein and high-fat.They get a much stronger reaction to any type of sugars, even fruits. And they usually eat more often than other types. You mentioned that it's mostly your diet now - high fat, high protein and no sweet fruits or grains. Kapha dominant types are the ones who donít require grains, or dairy, or heavy meat, and can eat the lightest of all, and should really stretch time between their meals. Kapha-Pittas and Kapha-Vatas should basically feed whatever Pitta and Vata they have, Kapha doesnít need that much nourishment, only light sustenance. Kapha types are the only ones who can drink coffee, and even sometimes need it in small amounts in the morning. Kaphas live best on Warrior Diet (by Ori Hofmekler).

Ayurveda was actually the means of solving my health issues when I lost my faith in traditional health care here both as a patient and as employee. Ayurveda together with many other natural methods is slowly bringing me back to normal life and I feel obliged to share it with others. Researching in Russian gave me an extra perspective and added lots of new concepts. Combining the Western and Russian concepts really gives a clearer picture of the whole cleansing and healing process. I also owe a lot of health discoveries to this website, so coming back here not as a reader, but posting something is like giving thanks. With its own ups and downs, Curezone is a pretty cool website, isnít it? Thanks to you and other good folks here, we can exchange lots of useful info here.


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