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Re: Warrior Diet meal schedule (nocturnal eating) helps get rid of brain fog.

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Warrior Diet meal schedule (nocturnal eating) helps get rid of brain fog.

great great post lakshmi

there is so much misinformation being put forth by the fruiters. and this is irrespective of what diet you want to eat.

i think these people just have very compromised digestive tracts and found that fruits are a good workaround. but the info about fiber and fat and hcl acid is all just plain wrong, no matter what diet you eat. humans cannot digest cellulose, this is a fact, and indigested plant cellulose causes many bacterial/fermentation problems for a lot of people.

you're correct about stewed meats and broths too. stewed meat is very easy to digest, much more so than cellulose. ripe fruits are easy to digest as well, but we see what happens psychologically to people who choose to only eat fruit. the same thing happened to me when i tried to eat only fruit. it only takes 3-4 days before i become very psychologically unstable. fortunately i am able to identify this and just have some protein and feel normal again. i think some people just are unable to look at themselves objectively and then get caught in a strange cycle of fruit eating and severe imbalance.

the number one cause of peristalsis problems is not lack of fiber but lack of bile. bile is the laxative that the fiber people are actually seeking, but never achieve because they are on low fat diets. low fat diets are proven 100% to cause bile stasis. and when you enter that realm there is usually not a way back from it other than Liver Flushes and reintroducing fats back into the diet -which can be very uncomfortable when your liver is filled with gallstones. so these people completely misinterpret their symptoms of feeling awful when they eat fat as proof that fat is not good. but in reality it is just something they must endure on their way toward true health.

the idea of binding bile is comical on a number of levels. first of all, the fruit people will rarely have any bile flow whatsoever, because they are not stimulating bile release in the first place. secondly, even if they did have any bile flow, they would want to reabsorb it because they are not consuming any dietary cholesteral. binding this precious resource is the exact wrong way to go. again, because a lot of these people have almost no knowledge of basic physiology.

i personally think that humans have a diverse genetic heritage, some of us leaning more toward meat eating and others not. there have been recent news articles about interbreeding between different species of ancient humans, and also the relevance of small dna changes that actually have much more wide-reaching influences on physiology than once thought. so we can have situations in which a small percentage of dna change can have a larger, leveraged effect on functional phsyiology. translation: just because some people might have only a 3% difference in dna with a baboon, they might have a dramatic difference in functional physiology, which can easily mean that a much more carnivorous diet is optimal.

i also had success with the warrior diet, but this was before the book even came out. i had severe sleeping problems and just stumbled upon eating a large protein meal before bedtime. after some time of doing this my sleep got much much better and now there are no problems at all.

the one thing i find very rude, is that the people who eat meat and protein don't push an agenda, but the fruiters are all overly aggressive/judgemental/un-empathetic/closed minded. They completely lose sight of the fact that most people are trying to heal themselves, and not put forth an agenda or convince others of a certain philosophy. also, the fruiters do not actually heal, they just live in a perpetual state of compromise using a bandaid temporary solution. that's why you see 10-15 year veteran vegans recanting their spiel - the smart ones that is. the not so smart ones wind up dying (moritz) or hiding away in a state of severe compromised health.

you find that the people who actually heal their guts are eventually able to be successful omnivores, they can eat fruits, grains, meats, fats, etc, all in moderation. but the fruit people are locked into fruit for life, becoming more and more sensitive to anything but what is essentially baby food. this is the most telling bit of information because it shows the more powerful path. when a person heals they are able to tolerate a wide range of diets with relative ease.

people who do the gaps or scd diet are eventually able to eat grains and dairy again. proof that there is a state in which the gut actually heals and that a life-long restrictive diet is not necessary.

that guy matt monarch demonstrates my point beautifully. he is locked into the most restrictive diet now and cannot deviate even slightly. the fruit cult see this as some sort of higher existence/elevation. but the reality of the matter is that he has damaged himself, and it is very apparent from observing his actions and speech. it is simply a matter of time before matt either has something very serious happen to him or fesses up and goes down the path that paul neeson did (very courageous guy to admit he was wrong).

in actuality, there are very rare cases of long term vegans thriving. it's a great and noble pursuit but it just does not bare the test of reality and scrutiny, especially in the cases of adrenal fatigue.

the ayurvedic perspective is also extremely interesting, though i don't know anything about it, perhaps i should read more.

i also think many people are making things so complicated for no reason at all. at some point your body will just want to eat protein or fat, and then you just do it when the sensation arises. people who deny these basic instincts get into very serious trouble or they die just to hold onto an incorrect mental notion.


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