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Re: About potassium foods

Natural, Soothing, Progesterone Oil
Supplementation and Hormone Balancing Based on the...


Natural, Soothing, Progesterone Oil
Supplementation and Hormone Balancing Based on the...

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: About potassium foods

First I wanted to say that I am a big fan of yours.

You are a very determined person and you have a rare ability to assimilate outside information but also trust yourself.

I think you are already in a great spot, but who knows how good a state of being you could achieve.

Just pick a few different websites and read more about the vata dosha. Or find a good ayurvedic doctor and work with them. They would pinpoint you as a vata almost instantly - with some people it is not so easy to diagnose. It looks like you are almost purely vata and responded perfectly to all the vata pacifying measures taken - albeit they weren't under the auspices of ayurveda.

You are doing well with fatty meats which is good. Maybe ditch the pork and stay with lamb, eggs, beef, duck, dark chicken, shrimp, lobster, ghee, etc. No dry meats. Bone marrows are good, salty meat soups, but you're already doing a lot of this too.

Sunlight is very important for vata, staying warm, having warm people, anything warm. Cold and wind will aggravate things. Perhaps consider moving permanently to a warm climate. Maybe the jaunts to mexico are a sign???

I think you could do well by adding only ripe sweet fruits in to your regimen - but it is very important they be ripe or else it will be aggravating. Also you could try raw unrefined sugar, boiled raw milk, and non-leavened wheat, oats, cooked in liquids.

All drinks should be warm, or room temperature - nothing cold.

Pickled foods can help restore digestion, same with ginger, salt. Vinegar is also good for vata, and strangely, mayonnaise.

Most herbs are good, but nothing drying like too much turmeric, coriander, no very hot herbs like hot peppers. ginger and garlic are two of the best to cook with. Asafoetida, also known as hing is specific for pacifying vata.

I posted a while back about boiled milk. I know people are deathly afraid of dairy but it was quite a shock when I started drinking boiled milk with no problems. Also soft cheeses would be recommended.

You could indulge in all the sweet fruits and it looks like you'll get a boost from that. I know that the NB program does not recommend fruit and I see the rationale for it. But I think this makes sense if you are eating only fruits. If it is balanced properly with meat, fats, grains and other foods it is fine.

Papaya is good for vata and restoring digestion

Any allergies or known problems always supercedes the dietary recommdations so it's self-tailored to the individual. There are no rigid rules to follow.

No salads, cold foods, leftovers, always cook fresh meals - this is very importabt especially for vata. Boiling water for a few minutes and reducing it by half is also a very good trick.

No beans, no bitter foods. The recommended vegetabes would be beets, carrots, onion, radish, sweet potato, garlic, leek, pumpkin, okra, green beans.

Stay away from anything dry like corn, millet, potatoes, no tomatoes, eggpplant, peppers

Drink warm liquid first thing in the a.m. Largest meal around noontime and smaller meal at dinner.

The herbs may be able to allow you to discontinue the Antibiotics since many of the culinary herbs have antibacterial properties.

Strong ginger tea taken before meal is a very strong appetite/agni enhancer and you could possibly ween off of digestive enzymes. I use a heaping teaspoon in boiled water plus some raw sugar. Look into home made chutneys to stimulate digestion as well. These activate all the taste senses and can help a lot with reviving your innate digestive powers. As destructive as Mcdonald's is, they do know a thing or two about human nature. Those red and yellow signposts get people instantly salivating due to the association with ketchup and mustard. (Mustard is very good for vata people)

Also too much plain water can be weakening for vata. So you'd want to have nourishing liquids like fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice, soups, herbal teas, and not too much plain water until you are very strong.

Anyway you're basically recovered already but perhaps these things can help you maintain or perhaps gain a different perspective.

There is also a whole world of therapeutic ayurvedic herbs that I still learning about.

I know that for me some seemingly very little things made a huge difference for me. Ginger tea has been very dramatic, same with starting to drink milk again. I eat pancakes every now and then with no problems. Bread, however I do not do well with, and sure enough this fits right into the vata diet as yeasted grains are not recommended.


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