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Re: What are you against?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: What are you against?

again I am not Natway.

Fruit doesn't spike blood sugar, at least not when you keep your fat intake low. When your system is not gummed up with excess fat, Sugar from fruit moves easily in and out of the blood.

Not all fruit is Genetically-Modified-Organisms and even if it was it would still be better than eating hormone and Antibiotic filled animal meat.
And if you decide to go organic, animal proteins cause cancer, they also acidify the body causing the body to leech minerals from bone hence why the countries with the highest dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

Hybridization is a natural occurrence in nature. It would happen whether we had anything to do with it or not.

The only nutrient that a vegan diet lacks is B12, which is easily supplemented. I work in a vitamin store and most of the meat eaters that come in there supplement much more than b12. They also supplement b12. I know meat eaters who are b12 deficient! So, I merely supplement b12 and that's it. I get all my other nutrients from fruits, lettuces, and nuts.

Every species on the planet has a specific diet. Fruits and veggies are ours. Here's a condensed list of the differences between actual carnivores and humans.
1. humans walk erect. Carnivores on all fours.
2. Carnivores have tails
3. Carnivores have claws for ripping flesh
4. Opposable thumbs make gathering fruit easy for humans
5. Our colons are convoluted, while carnivores are smooth
6. Our intestines are 12 times the length of our torsos, which allows for the slow absorption of sugars and other water borne nutrients from fruits; carnivores are only 3 times the length of their torsos.
7. Carnivores manufacture their own vitamin C. Humans must acquire it from food.
8. Our jaw movement allows us to grind our food. Carnivores lack this ability to move their jaws laterally.
9. Carnivore molars are pointed and sharp for tearing flesh.
10. Carnivores stomach acid is typically 10 times, if not more, stronger than that of humans
11. True carnivores secret uricase to metabolize the uric acid in flesh. Humans do not.
12. Carnivores have proportionately larger livers in comparison to their body than humans.

Eating meat may have contributed to the evolution of humans. I do not disagree with this as of yet. I have not researched it enough to accurately have a conclusive opinion. However, meat alone may not have been the exact reason for this, but rather contributed to this by adding substantial calories to the diet.

People that refrain from animal consumption are healthier than those that eat animal products. In America if it weren't for the medical community, our average lifespan would be around 50, if not less. Cancer treatments, heart surgeries, and other medical procedures treat disease, but they don't prevent it. So why not prevent now, rather than suffer later.

As for ayurveda, I can't put my faith in a diet that emphasizes a certain way to eat because of the size and shape of ones body. Makes no sense to me.

If you followed 801010 I would like to hear how you did it so that I might help you determine the cause of failure.

What could possibly motivate me to push this diet if it were not the best thing I had done to get well.

The answer is that I want everyone to experience the relief and wellness I feel by eating a healthy diet. No products to sell. No books to buy. You can get all this information free online. I am in better shape now than ever and definitely healthier than ever. I don't need coffee to wake up in the morning or any other substance. Hope this helps someone.

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