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Re: scenerio, waking between 3:30-4:30AM

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: scenerio, waking between 3:30-4:30AM

Hi. I've had the same thing all my life, wake up after 5 hours of sleep, be very awake, busy head, very alert, worrying (if there's something to worry about in my life). It wanes after 1,5 or 2 hours and then I'm able to get another hour or perhas two of sleep.

This is a cortisol peak. Cortisol half time is typically 1,5 hours.
Unfortunately I cannot tell you what causes it to occur in the middle of the night instead of the morning. This is the peak you need to get you out of bed in the morning.

In recent years I've been able to sleep through the night sometimes and these are the factors I have to make right for that to happen: no stress during the day (no work ambition, no family drama), winding down before going to bed, no insuline peak during the day (avoiding any bloodsugar peak, I eat a high fat low carb diet to sustain me through the night, I'm hypoglycemic otherwisr too), no eating or drinking after 7pm, nothing waking me in the night (earplugs, cat, snoring husband), take precautions for my dustmite allergy and take some progesteron cream just before head touches pillow.
Quite a list but like I said, i had it all nights every night since I was 5 yo.

As a youngster I was resilient. I could have this peak and still get out of bed in the morning. Getting older means I now lack the cortisol in the morning to get up, if I lie awake at night.

I have to say: I have had prog. defficiency all my life and in recent years acquired adrenal fatigue (extra strong because the adrenals have to take over prog. production from my peri menopausal ovaries). In recent years I learned to balance my hormones.

Hope my story helps somewhat. I am very glad to know about one other person who has this too. Sorry it happens to you, it is quite tiresome. I feel the dustmite really comes into play. Something is causing my body to get all stressed and bothered after the first 5 hours of sleep (which are the most important.)

That's when you enter deep sleep and when all the repairs are done. If you lack sleep hours, your body will automatically give preference to this kind of sleep. You do not have to worry you do not get enough sleep. I researched this. Your body will compensate and make the most of those 5 hours. You can lie awake after that, calm your body down and wait for the cortisol to subside. As long as you keep horizontal your adrenals will not be tasked much and your body will still rest.
Best wishes.

Ps forgot to add: I have to take magnesium citrate in the evening to help relax my body.
In my case, it has nothing to do with the organ clock as known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My liver(energy) is splendid. My meridian system is clear and fluent. However, the lungs and the dustmite allergy....ther may be a connection there.
as for circadian rythme: melatonine had no effect in my case.
I do have low vit.D. I also take hydrocortisone for my AF and this has no bearing on the nightly peak. Learning to live the calm and regular life did have results for sleeping through the night. As did solving some basic faults in my nervous system. I discovered I lived in Fight or Flight all my life and this is not normal. I had to teach my body it is not in danger, per default. Now my system goes into Rest and Digest. The earthing mentioned above could be a method of achieving this. I achieved it via other methods. This recalibrating of the parasympathetic nervous system was detrimental to sleeping through the night and not getting adrenal crises. Still, no garantee I will sleep through tonight.
I am very sensitive to EMF's. I moved out of the city into a wooden cabin in a patch of nature. I am surrounded by wool, from sheep. And trees. I turn off electrical equipment and wifi at night. They are body burdens I cannot handle right now.

Sorry for the novel.

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