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Re: I have no idea what to eat anymore. Any advice?

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I have no idea what to eat anymore. Any advice?

Hi, you're not alone! Keep courage. Keep listening to your body and avoid any "they-ism" ("they" say fruits are healthy. "they" say salads are good. etc. ;)

Here's what I eat, perhaps there's something for you too:
1. high saturated fats (organic butter, coconut oil, organic fat meats, chickenbroth from chicken with skin and bone, liver, bone marrow)
2. Egg yokes
3. Whipped cream (without Sugar or additives) and sour cream
4. Pickles, vinegar, ginger, lemon juice
5. Herbal tea with salt
6. Dark 85% chocolate, pure cacao powder (with cream)
7. Mustard
8. A good multivitmin and vit D and salt in everything.

I eat small portions because of nausea ( combat with diluted vinegar or lemon juice. This helps your stomach acidity and turns on you bile which helps nutrient uptake in the small intestine)
Also: small portions do not trigger an insuline reaction (see Bernstein book)

I use fats to sustain me with energy, rather than carbo hydrates (regular western diet) or proteins (Atkins or too much lean meat)
One high fat diet is Homo Optimum by the Polish dr. Kwasniewski.
Another high fiet diet, based on non-saturated fats, is Budwig protocol. It depends on your body whether you feel good on full fats or short chained fats. Budwig did fantastic research how fats ease up the whole body. You don't have enough untill your skin is supplied, from the inside.

A high fat diet makes for a neutral blood Sugar throughout the day and night. Very relaxing.
However, it does take away the joy of eating somewhat. I now eat to systain my body. It is more maintenance than happy eating, you know? Well, you do know at the have it severly!

I guess you won't be able to handle lots of fats quick. Start slowly. Chicken broth is excellent, with lots of vinegar, mustard, chooped ginger, salt and well cooked cellery stalks. But I'm thinking you have a good reason you do not eat animals besides fish...

Now follow some observations of my own body:
I noticed i do not fare well on egg whites, i skip them. I once put hard boiled egg whites in the garden for the bugs and the hedge hogs but nobody wanted them (?? Is it denatured?)
I noticed I do not digest cheese or almonds (even when the almonds are soaked which you should do to nutrilize their protective enzymes).
Raw leaves make my bowels hurt. I eat them sparcely.
Gluten make my bowels hurt, as do whole grains or other whole stuff. I thusly avoid them or use their 'grit' to avoid constipation. As I eat small portions, i hardly ever get constipations.
I get nauseous when there's too much fat. Acidifying the stomach helps with that. I eat my organic liver with onions and prefer it cold the next day because otherwise too overpowering. One spoon at the time.
45 minutes after eating I lie down to direct all bodily energy towards uptake of nutrients. 45 minutes is about the time your stomach needs to thoroughly prepare the foods it received. The first stop after that is the small intestine where the main magic happens. 7 mintes after I lie down my tummy starts gurgling, indicating it is at work. This is called Rest and Digest and is the opposite of Fight or Flight. It takes about an hour. Lying flat on my back I get very bored but surfing or watching videos is too invigorating. so I took up knitting. Or read a book.

Here now follows a comment about bowel movements, this may be too much information!
Checking out how your nr.2 looks tells you a lot about how your digestion is going. When I got ill my poop was grey and it floated. This indicated that my bile was not working and that I passed fats onto the toilet bowl.
Bile needs stomach acidity as a trigger and we (dr. and I) suspected that that was the problem after a scan showed no problems with the bile duct. I started to use digestive enzymes and HCl (hydrochloride).
By looking behind me after bowel movements I noticed my poop getting darker, a sign that bile was getting added during digestion.
Now comes an even more akward bowel comment, skip if you're squeemish!! I examine my poop up close. I take a few sheets of toiletpaper in my hand and position it under me, I drop one little turd In it to look at it. My nr2s are like marbles, smallish and round and not too wet. Their size comes from the stomach: it gives marblesized parcels of food to the small intestines to thorougly examine and take nutrients from. I appreciate to recognize this size 'on the other end' because it tells my digestion was nowhere halted. No pile ups in the system.
They have some mucus around them, this is what the colon adds to facilitate passage.
I try not to smell them but I cannot avoid noticing odours. This tells me nothing except how various foods effect odour. If I have eaten something not agreeable (legumes, too much vit. c) or have eaten under non relaxing circumstances (business lunch, a day out, period cramps) it smells bad and I/my body just wants to get rid of it. I don't look at it then, I just feel miserable, get it done with and recuperate on the couch.
When it is a healthy bowel movement I look at it up close though, because it will tell me so much. I break it open that one little turd (sorrysorry for these details) and look at its texture. It is dry on the inside, the colon has taken up all the fluids the system added and needed for digestion. If there are white flecks in it I think about what I ate 8 hours previous. If it is cheese or almonds I now know this has gone through me unaltered. These morsels are still the size I chewed them in, they have not been digested. Other things are still recognizable (tomato skin). This is not a bad thing, we need some gristle in our intestines. Just not too much (pain)
Still seated I throw it behind me in the toilet bowl and finish up. Even though nothing touched my hands and the paper did not get moist I wash my hands,

Welcome at the other end of that akward alinea. I am much embarrased but not enough to withold this information as it was the key in restoring my digestion. Still embarrased though.

My advice to you: pimp up your salad, tuna and eggs by adding a spoonfull of sourcream, vinegar and mustard and salt. Skip cream if your dairy avoiding. Olive oil would be a good alternative.
The sour will aid your stomach and add some taste.
Sprinkle some herbs on your dinner.
Make a chicken broth. Or just chew on one chicken leg or wing (with skin)
Make your salade at night not too big. A volume over a handful will trigger an insuline reaction, no matter what kind of food. A fist is about the size of your stomach so that makes sense.

If you ever get hungry after a meal (or a fruit or a candy bar) that is an insuline reaction. You can get through it by moving your body or distracting your mind. It takes about 20 minutes to subside and it can hardly be done by willpower alone as you are fighting a biological urge. Distraction works for me.

Good luck and remember that you can make mistakes with your body, it will only cost you a few hours or days (or weeks, stupid gluten) to get to that clean slate again and try something different. It is unlikely you will 'break something' as the body is geared towards healing and reacts positive to any improvement. Any.
It is quite a robust system :)
Best wishes, Anna.

(O dear, I wrote another novel. This time I even mentioned poop...)

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